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New HCG Brand Stings Like a Mother


Switched to a new (less expensive) brand of Asian HcG, comes in a 1ml/10000iu vial. I diluted it with sterile water to my needed strength and all I'm going to say is it stings like a SOB. Even in .25ml doses. I'm using streile water not bacteriostatic so it's not the alcohol. Also I'm not using saline for dilution either, just good ole sterile water for injection, USP.

The question is, has anyone else noticed this when switching from US pharma grade hcg to hcg sourced from AAS sources such as this well-known asian supplier I'm now using? The cost difference is in the orders of magnitude (US$250 vs US$40.00 for 10k iu).



Why would you use sterile water instead of Bacteriostatic water ?

The Benzyl Alcohol is in there to kill microbes that may have been present or
that can accidentally be introduced to the solution. This is especially important since you will have
that btl around for quite a while and take many many injections out of it.


The point was to make sure the diluent wasn’t the source of the stinging :slight_smile:

Bac water contains alcohol which could potentially sting. Look at it as a rule out.

My aseptic technique is tight, so I have no fear of cross contamination in this case.