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New Hardwood Power Rack Platform--Shoes Keep Slipping

So my gym just got a fancy new power rack and platform (Don’t know why, the old one was just fine).

Here’s a pic-- http://www.eweightplanner.com/img/vendors/magnum/mag_a47-251.jpg

So it’s got this fake hardwood platform, which, when i stand on it in my socks or in my Payless Airwalk Chuck Taylor knock-offs, i slide around like crazy. Anybody else had this experience? I’m scared to squat or deadlift on this thing!

I don’t know if buying a pair of real chucks might solve my problem, or maybe spraying some grip spraypaint on the bottom of my shoes?

Maybe going barefoot would work, but that might be frowned on.

Any advice/ideas would be appreciated…


[quote]thirdnalga wrote:

That’s be hilarious. I love the way those wood center platforms look, but they are scary to squat or sumo pull on. Is there some reason they do that other than asthetics? When I fooled around with weightlifting, I didn’t like those wood platforms either but the wood platforms seem to be associated with weighlifting and WL set-ups at high-end college rec center and sports gyms

dont know if its the same as playing bball indoors but you can try to spit on the floor and rub your shoes on it or lick your fingers and wipe it on the bottoms of your shoes. always seems to help my grip when playing ball

fong is right. normally it is the dust that makes it slick. sweep it, and spit on your shoes. if it is really that shitty fake wood, plastic with a hard finish,you might have to go with spray stickem, but that would suck too after a while…gooy shoes.

The main reason you are sliding is because its a new platform. Still has that nice factory coating on it the attempts to repel dust but only makes the thing slick as hell. Most of the solutions I can think of will more than likely be frowned upon at your gym being its new, but you can try to drag a 45 to roughen up the surface. Use is really going to be the best thing for it.

fong’s right. This really shouldn’t have been too difficult for you to solve on your own. Why don’t you just mop the platform before you lift. Throw some floor cleaner in your bag or just get a towel damp when you are at the gym and mop the floor.

Get a cheap towel clean the floor, and maybe get some stick-um spray. Like others have mentioned, it’s from dust and crap getting on the floor.

Problem solved- went to Target, bought some “real” chucks. No more sliding around. Thanks to those of you who offered advice.