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New Hardcore Facility In Arizona

Hardcore Facility Coming to Arizona 1400 sq ft Strongman/Powerlifting/Olympic Lifting Club…25,000 lbs
Power Racks, Oly Plates,Bar,platform,Reverse Hyper,Logs,Tires,Ropes,Kegs all kinda crazy stuff…

Arizona is a fairly big state, care to narrow down the location a little?

…and a name and a link would be nice too. otherwise what are we supposed to do, follow the smell of ammonia, chalk and tears i suppose

Its a very big state. My guess, the center of the universe, Phoenix, is getting this. I don’t think Tucson is ready for the big leagues yet.

Sorry, Its in Avondale just west of Glendale…Strength Coaches,MD with Strength background Therapy all available as well

cool but do you have bosu balls?