New Hang PowerSnatch PR :)

Clips from today!

Right Click and save before watching!

Hang Powersnatch PR 153lbs x1, plus the leadup singles

A little bit ugly, but I’ll take it :0
I had anotehr 10lbs in me I think, but only 3 weeks into training cycle so don’t want to kill myself. My powersnatch from the floor is usually 20-25lbs more, so I’m getting close to powersnatching 185lbs.…53_1stNov03.mpg

Squats - a few sets from today…ts_1stNov03.mpg

Good Job Colin!

The Other, Other,

Cool vids man. I love those. One question, why do you always say we have to right click and save, rather than just click the link? just curious.

Would those experienced in Oly lifts say that this is good form?

here was the workout that day from my journal :slight_smile:

Saturday 1st November - General Workout - Week 3 - Day 1 - Lower Body 1 - Late Afternoon

Not a good day diet wise or sleep, but I bagged me a PR, so it’s not all bad
I would have rated it a 10, had my diet, sleep and my lower back been loose during the squats.

Workout Rating - 9/10
Workout time - 1.5 hours

Warmup+ CoreWork

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Back Extensions x8, +10lbs x8
Incline situps x8, +10lbs x8 with Russian twists to each side at the top.

then Reverse Hypers - BWx8


rest 45secs
Low ankle jumps - 2x10

rest 1min
High ankle jumps - 3x5
Single Leg Short Quick Horizontal Hops - 2x10 - 5 each side,

Hang Power Snatch

Warmups - Bar x 5, some snatch grip push presses
Rest - 2mins, then 3-4mins with the last 2 singles

Hang PowerSnatch - 75lbs x5, 95lbs x2, 111 x1, 121 x1, 131 x1, 143x1, 153x1 New PR!!

That’s a 18lb PR! Up from 135lbs a few months back. Man the lockout was wobbly, need to work on my snatch grip overhead support strength. I had another 5-10lbs in me, but no point to going all out 3 weeks into the training cycle
My Powersnatch from the floor is usually 20lbs more, so I’m getting close to Powersnatching 185lbs!
Looked a bit ugly though.

Full Olympic Back Squats - RAW

Warmup sets
Bar x10, 95lbs x5, 135lbs x5,
Tempo 10X0 rest - 2mins, 3 mins on last 2 singles

205lbs 3x2,
1 full squat jump , then 260lbs x 2, 260lbs 2x2,
295lbs x 2 singles - 2nd one with a 2-3 sec pause at the bottom.

Total work tonnage = 3380lbs (up 410lbs from last week)

Lower back felt tight, was kinda cold, I guess I should have got a sweat up. Squats aren’t feeling all that much lighter. Although the last 295 paused single blasted up!

Bits and Pieces

Bulgarian Split Squats
+6kg in dumbells 2x8 each leg.

Explosive Reverse Hypers
BW 2x12

Jeez, you are one organized mofo!

one problem…
70kg is over 154 pounds. :slight_smile:

Becuase - my mepgs, sometimes crap out and cut off when streaming, or don’t play at all :slight_smile:

My form isn’t anywhere as good as say what the elite guys do on the IronMind tapes, but they have expert coaching and 5+ years of experience. Me I’m self taught and have 1.5 years of olys under my belt so I’m still learning and improving. Well hopefully :slight_smile:

You always look like you are good for so much more weight. Any particular reason why you dont go higher?


45lb bar + 2x20kg plates + 2x10lb plates = 153lbs :slight_smile:

It’s a crappy bent gym bar that doesn’t spin too well, not a nice Elieko :frowning:

Goldberg I always train within myself. I don’t see the point in going to failure or to a point were bar speed and form is compromised. The only time I go that far is when I’m attempting a 1RM.

I always prefer bar speed over weight, I train CAT style most of time, moderate weights pushed explosively.
I rarely go over 85%, except in the olys, but even then 90% is the limit.

I used to be a more controlled negatives, explosive cocnentrics to failure, low volume. Now I’m the opposite :slight_smile:

I just burn out real fast if I load up all the time.

I know my calves measured 16 3/4 inches before, a month ago actually and now they measure 17 1/8 inch at the same bodyweight!!!

I suspect all from sprinting, since I run on my toes. And the 3 week layoff probably helps with mass gains as well, ala HST Strategic De-conditioning :slight_smile:
So once I started loading up again with olys, pulls onto toes etc, they massed up.

Look at my squatting clip above - do my calves look bigger? When I sent the clip to my friend, that’s the first thing he noticed. I didn’t think my calves had gone much bigger until I measured them! 3/8 is quite a bit especially since I am leaning up.


looks to me like you’re getting bigger, just compared it to the old vids and you are looking a lot stockier, especialy in the calves!

Must say that box squats have helped my lifts immensely and cleaned and pressed 220 the other day quite easily, maybe you should try them out?


Well hopefully in a month’s time I will look much leaner from all the tempo sprinting I’m doing :slight_smile:

I have done box squats before. They bother my knees sometimes, for some reason. But I like doing jumping box squats. Might have to do these again in the 2nd half of my training cycle when I bring back jumpsquats

But I get more than enough posterior chain work, so I don’t need to emphasise this anymore with box squats. I need strong legs for clean recovery and only oly squats and front squats will give me that.