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New handle!

I remember back in my comic book days there was this guy named Drax who lifted Thor’s hammer even though he wasn’t worthy, Thor’s the only one who can lift his hammer because he’s the only one worthy, so Odin says. Anyway that’s my new name even though he was dumb as a post.

Let me get this straight: You’re gonna assume the name of someone you consider to be as “dumb as a post”? On second thought, you’re right, it is fitting.:wink:

Captain america did as well. But Drax is one big dude. When he had the power gem, he punched the shit out of the Hulk.

He also broke Invisible Woman’s forcefield. Hulk was the only other guy to do that.

You mean soul gem don’t you? Part of the infinity Gauntlet? Big whoop I could kick hulk’s ass with a soul gem. Via the reality altering shit they do. Oh I’m suck a geek. :slight_smile:


I think it was either Moondragon or Warlock who had the soul gem. Drax had the power gem, that’s what made him so strong. The other members of the Infinity Watch kept their’s on their foreheads, but Drax thought his was a candy so he ate it.

Heheh okay he does sound dumb. Did he pass the power gem? I thought all the gems for the infinity gauntlet were called soul gems? I know they had different ones such as ones that controled time and life this that etc. Explain. :slight_smile:

No, there was a soul gem, but I think they were just called gems. The power gem, time gem, etc. Infinity gauntlet was cool until at the end it was just a ploy to bring back a failed hero (adam warlock). Goodness he sucked.

Is there any way online where I can read all these Marvel comics?? U guys are so knowledgeable…I forgot much of Marvel…

No, no, no there were 6 gems. There was an Infinity Gauntlet which held them (1 for each finger & 1 in the middle) & gave the wearer mastery over time, space, mind, soul, power & reality. Thanos of Titan (who posts on this board-ask how he built his 6’8" 800lb physique) lost it in the Infinity War to Adam Warlock. In Infinity Watch #1 there was a trial where the gems got taken out of the Infinity Gauntlet so I bad guy like Thanos couldn’t try to take over the universe again. Drax ate his power gem because he thought it looked good, another guy (can’t remember his name) keeps his down his pants (he’s got the space gem I think), & the rest keep their’s on their foreheads.

yeah, I’m thinking wedge for some reason, but some midget dude. Still, Infinity watch sucked, and so ended yet a third series thanks to Adam Warlock.


I may not look like a geek but I’m betting I can give you a run for your money in geekiness. Hell I know of another guy name Drax from the New Gods. He was the guy that almost got the Omega effect and became Darkseid. Only his brother(or half brother) Xuzas(I think that’s how you spell it) beat his ass or something and got it instead. The Omega effect is a bitchin power ONE of it’s abilities is to shoot a beam of energy(that cannot miss) that not only kills what it hits but makes it as if it never existed. I know of alot of people I would like to use that on. I’m betting TC would like to shoot it at Syntrax Labs or whatever there called. So Bronx who’s the geek now??? Lastly and maybe Drax can answer this…I’m sure they were called the soul gems eventhough each had a specific power including one for soul? Hey that’s a run on sentence. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it create a paradox if someone had the ability to make others so they never existed? Everything they’ve done would end up changing the present world somehow. Perhaps in small ways, but as you defeated more people it would create more and more diverese effects, possibly doing greater harm.

Well, I’m not familiar with the other Drax, as I was never really into DC (except for Batman. Want some obscenely obscure, worthless triva about Batman, I’m your man). But yes, Jake, obliterating not just a person, but all previous actions would indeed create a paradox. Hence the fear of even Galactus when the fantastic four threatened to use the Ultimate Nullifier on him. Or why, in the Wheel of Time, Both the dark side and the Aes Sedai agreed to stop using Bale Fire as it was destroying the web of reality. Ha! How you like me now! I’ve even crossed into the fantasy genre. (Catches himself, notices all the strange, frightened stares, and runs!)

The biggest nuclear power plant in Great Britian is called the Drax Power Plant also.

Well ya I guess it would create a paradox but it’s a fricken comic book. Heheh. He is a God it’s magic la la la. I don’t know in what terms it ment by never existed, I know that seems obvious but sometimes New Gods did some wacko stuff. Speaking of paradox that’s what I always hated about the Terminator flicks. If you want to read a really good comic read Watchmen. V for Vendetta is good too. Grendel War Child is great. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the terminator flicks dilemma is kinda annoying, but what would most likely happen is that once the t-800 went back to the 1980’s, the timeline would have deviated, creating a whole new reality. So, there is, but isn’t a paradox. In theory.

Multiple realities or timelines is cheating. Heheh. Speaking of which I can’t wait to see The One. I always think of the timeline thing like this. I go back in time 5 minutes before I get into the time machine. Simple right. I say hi to myself “hey man your a hansome devil aren’t ya”. My past self says “you bet, not bad yourself man…eventhough I’m not gay”. I say “not that there is anything wrong with that”. We both laugh “Brahahahahaah”. Then my past self looks on in horror as I smash the fucking time machine.

Now we got a paradox right? I mean if the time machine isn’t working when I go to use it I can’t go back in time and destroy it which means I don’t which means I can but if I can I do and then I can’t go back again …aarhrrrrrr brain dribbling out ear. Ooohhhh ahhhhh brain all goopy and squishy good for finger painting. :slight_smile:


At what age did you guys get laid?

I kid…i kid!

Cool name…and this comic book shit sounds insane…but I am too old for that now.

[quote]xxrob5xx wrote:
At what age did you guys get laid?

I kid…i kid!

Cool name…and this comic book shit sounds insane…but I am too old for that now.[/quote]

WTF bump!