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New handle again!

No more Drax! Everybody call me Nathan Say (or the cool guy formerly known as Drax). It’s my real name after all…

since u ain’t using DRAX,can i have it now.

I don’t know…maybe Drax II?

When people see Drax in the forum or archives they might think it’s me so it’s probably better not to. Drax II or Drax jr might be better.

Thanks, for letting us all know, Nathan Say formerly Drax. You know, I do appreciate it when people alert the forum to name changes.

Shit man…now I have to change my whole perceptions of you from the recognizable Drax to Nathan Say. I barely survived when teddykbk changed his name to richierocket.

So Nathan. Which horrible event in your life made you want a fresh start?

I didn’t get out to Hatley Castle while XMen 2 was being filmed. :frowning: It was during exam week & I had to do homework nonstop. It would have been an hr bus ride both ways. Lots of people said they saw Patrick Stewart downtown though.

Patrick Stewart is awsome. He is one of the main reasons ST:TNG is worth watching when it is on. Brilliant actor in my opinion.