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New Hampshire Training


stone lift to chest 20 reps (diamond shaped ?200 lb stone)
stone carry 50' (oval shaped ?220 lb stone)
1 farmers carry 200' x 245 lbs (total, not each hand)

It was 24 degrees out and lit only by the stars and 1/4 moon. Everything was frozen to the ground. Luckily it wasn't windy out.

I've found carrying heavy things is as much will power as it is strength. When you have a heavy stone on your chest/stomach its almost impossible to breath. And farmers carries test your forearm pain tolerance.

Brett,I haven't done farmers carries long enough to know if there has been any carry over to deads/squats. I'm not even sure there will be a carry over. I just know they're tough.


Sweet, I get the first post! Nice strongman work, that's a long, heavy farmers walk.


whoa nellie! nice work clueless Steve!

btw - why did you name yourself "clueless"?


Jack,you'll always be my first.

George,clueless to the direction of my training. Everyone here seems so focused and I'm all over the place. I need to pick a goal and stick with it.


It might be all over the place but I bet its more fun training than most. Those were some sick farmer's walks.


I don't think I'm in the set of everyone. I haven't met a goal yet...and keep changing my training.

I think all us ADD lifters need to get together and hey look! a butterfly!


Thanks Joe. Actually it is fun being all over the place. I just don't seem to be getting any stronger. And I should clarify my farmers carrys are total weight not each hand. I'll go back and fix that.


ADD lifters.....I like it!! Thats exactly what I am. Maybe I can get some good meds for it.


Nice! This strongman training is fun eh? Are you doing it by yourself or you got some people to train with?


I love getting outside for a workout. It was dark and cold last night when I was out there. Still had a great time. Its just me and the yellow lab. He's gonna get killed one of these days when I drop a rock on him. He keeps putting the damn tennis ball at my feet the entire time.


Read this post to my wife and she laughed too. As a dog owner I can completely relate.


I think I definitely fall into this category. But I might be more of an ADD AND Autistic lifter. I am very focused and rigid about sticking with my program. Problem is, there is no method to my program. I just tool along, doing my thing, until the possibility of a shiny new PR catches my fancy.


Brett,dogs are fun to have around. I complain about mine but he's the perfect workout buddy.

Skip,ADD and Autistic really works for you. Almost a 300 lb MP and 400 lb bench. Keep at it Rain Man.


What a pretty sentence. You a writer, Strick?

I used to be an editor . . . and, hence, my penchant to notice beautiful sentences.


At least your dog doesn't piss on your training implements. My labs think they can fetch a shot put and love chasing the discus.


KP,my English aint so good.
Harry,I caught my dog pissing on my cement blocks I use for farmers carries.

1a.bench 245x5,280x5,320x7,365x1,1
1b.chinup BWx3,5,10,10 pullup BWx5,5,5

MP with stones x bunch of sets


Nice training. Strongman training is someting I'd eventually like to take up. I just have no idea(s) on how to make up a routine.


Harry,I caught my dog pissing on my cement blocks I use for farmers carries.

ECO- too funny!!! my dogs found my exercise band that I use for push-ups...lets just its a lot of little rubber bands now!

great training BTW!


Lol...thanks, Snap. Definitely not a writer. I very much appreciate the written word, though.

There was a time when I wanted to be a writer. Due to my own Autistic tendencies, I was a VERY shy person (almost to the point of dysfunction). I felt cut off from much of the world. Couple that with my love of Edgar Allan Poe and my mother's writing and I did try my hand at it.
Between trying to sack quarterbacks and, later, arresting bad guys, I wrote a lot of (get ready for it)...poems. Most of it not so poetic, but some that I still like.

Getting married and having kids, though, has pretty much filled the necessary hours of solitude with chaos.


Ah the old strong, shy, and sensitive ploy eh Strick?

I bet you were beating the women off with a stick!