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New Hampshire Lifter II


Enjoy, lifting with your son. Any lifts are fun and good for you.
Goes way to fast, lifted with mine, and my dad back years ago.
Weight loss ain’t no fun.


Big man, nice to see you feeling better! and still lifting with your boy! awesome sauce !!


I do enjoy lifting with my son. But he isn’t very good about picking up his weights. I have to keep reminding him.
I haven’t done any squats for over a month. But today everything felt great. My legs are going to be sore tomorrow.


  1. 17’’ box front squat barx10 95,135,185,225,275x5 315x3
  2. 15’’ box zercher squat 135x10,10.15,15
  3. Natural stone lift - row to chest then good morning - 6 sets x 2 reps



  1. Bench with and without bands
  2. db bench 90’s x3 sets
  3. Rope pushdowns

I tried the red mini bands for a bunch of sets. I’m not strong enough for those. The orange micro minis work better for me. Saturday morning and early afternoon are looking good for an outdoor workout. Box jumps, stones and some kind of carry.


Carried the trap bar and some weight up to the outdoor workout area. But it’s way too wet. Going to have to wait until it dries. One positive is that the trap bar, 2-100 lb plates and 2-45s are stored in the shed now. So the set up will be much easier when the workouts start.


Welcome to the start of mud and bug season!
Same in my yard.


Awesome. I have been doing carries with the trap bar…Love em! trying to get to a 30 sec carry with 2x BW…not there yet but hunting on the right land…


Hopefully April brings some favorable weather for training outside. I like how carries combine strength, conditioning and mental toughness. Trap bar with 2xBW for 30 seconds would be cool.

Deadlift 135,185,225,275,315,365,405x3
Tweeted my back

1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135,185,225,275x3 135xmax reps
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx7 sets
2a. Lateral raise (25s) superset with MP (105) 3 sets
2b. Rear delt raise (20s) superset with band pull aparts 3 sets
3. Banded push up and Db curls


Flying out to San Jose, CA tomorrow for my last hockey tournament with my youngest son. If anyone knows some good restaurants or cool things to do out there let me know. Coming back on the red eye Sunday night.


Best of luck!


I lived in Alameda while in Navy. San Francisco had best food.


Thanks Crippler. We lost all three games but my son did well. That’s all that matters, right?

Mac, we hit a few good restaurants in the San Jose/San Francisco area.

Took the red eye Sunday night. Landed in Boston at 7:30 am yesterday. But I felt I needed to workout. Bench and front squats felt heavy but the stones felt great. I may lift them again tonight.

1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135x10 165x5 185x5 225x5 275x3
1b. 17’’ box front squat barx10 135x10 185x5,5 225x5,5,5
2. a bunch of stone lifts



I pulled out the axle bar and did a bunch of double overhand deadlifts and rows. Taxing on the grip but easy on everything else. I worked up to 295 but wasn’t strong enough to double overhand it. So that was the one set I used a mixed grip. I finished up with a few stone lifts from floor to chest.


Besides everything else you’re doing, using an axle bar for deads probably’ll give you a significant hand shake. Scary too.


I’d like forearms like Popeye.


  1. Hang clean and press barx10 95x5 115x5 135x5 155x3x5 135x2x5
    2a. Banded push ups 3 sets
    2b. Neutral grip bar rows 165x15 215x10 265x10
    3a. Neutral grip bar curls 115x3x5-7 reps
    3b. Pushdowns 60x3x12-20 reps

Really fun workout.


If you don’t already have Popeye forearms with all those rocks, you’re getting close.
I still remember one guy’s handshake over 50 years ago. Small guy too.


Worked on the Popeye forearms again today.


  1. Trap bar deadlifts and carries 245,335,405
  2. Atlas stone lift: 170 lb stone x 4 singles

I did sets of five rep deadlifts and carried each weight for 2 sets x 50-60 feet. I’m so out of shape I’d had enough after this.



  1. Axle bar bench barx20 105x10 155x5 195x5 215x5 235x5 255x3 275x5 285x3 305x3 325x1
  2. Axle bar MP 105x10 125x5 155x5,5
  3. Axle bar curls 65x3x10

Axle bar fever.


There is only one cure for axle bar fever… the slosh pipe! Hope you are well


Paul, I’ve got the fever and you’ve got the cure. Ha, ha

Got outside with my oldest for some stone lifts. He pulled or strained an ab muscle and popped his back. So we ended things early. But I felt great. Things felt light.