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New Hampshire Lifter II


Not to NH unfortunately, I was looking to get away from the crowd down here but I didn’t get the job( I was one of two finalists) I was after. I have 2 job offers, so this weekend my wife and I will talk it over and do rock paper scissors!! Likely moving a bit closer to the Cape but a little west at the same time.


It’s single digits out there this weekend. So I’m not doing anything outside. The stones will have to wait. The way I get them into the basement is very boring. I roll them down a 2x12.

Paul, it was the companies loss not hiring you. But congratulations having 2 others to choose from.

1a. Bench+micro mini bands barx20 95x6 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x3 315x3 225x15 135x15
1b. Neutral grip chins x 9 sets



  1. Trap bar deads 135,186,225x5 275,315,365,405,455,495x3 315x10
  2. Zercher squats 135,185x5 225,275x3 135x15
  3. BW lunges

I zerchered as low as I could (not that low). Trying to work on my squat depth.


Not sure what shoes you use to squat in.
For me I get much better depth with Zercher with a shoe with a heel. I use the Adidas powershoe. About 90$ a few years ago, not their expensive version. Have held up well over 5+ years.
I have a hard time getting depth in a flat sole shoe, with Zerchers.
That’s just my experience.


Thanks Clee. I’ve been meaning to get squats shoes for a bit. My depth needs all the help it can get.

1a. 2 board bench barx25 95x10 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x3 315x6 335x3
1b. Band pull aparts after every set
2a. Pin press 315x3 275x5 225x10
2b. Band pull aparts

I set the safeties for 2 board then did pin presses off that height. I was in the process of getting 2 stones in the basement when I popped my back stiff legging one of them. My lower back pisses me off. I’m so fragile theses days.


Oh no! Hope it feels better soon.


Thanks CL. My back, knees, shoulders and neck all need to be babied now. No sudden stiff legging deadlifts with stones. And thorough warm ups are necessary.