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New Hampshire Lifter II


Have a Merry Christmas


Thanks Crippler. I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas.

I set up reverse band deadlifts for my son and decided to try them myself. I couldn’t help myself. Glad I tried them they were fun. My son worked up to 605x1 without a belt. I’m not sure how much weight the bands took off at the bottom.


  1. Reverse band deads 245,295,335,385,425,475,515,565x3 605x2 515x3
  2. Zercher hold 265x4x15-20 sec




Those bands? That weight? Come on Steve.


Impressive strength, and confidence in your floor joists !!
That’s a big pull at lockout.


If you have the setup to for the reverse deadlifts you have to try it. Pulling supra max weight is motivating. What I noticed in my video is that my shoulders are to far forward when I start the pull. I think I need to sit back a few inches. If you get the chance could I get some of your opinions?

I’ve got a busy day so I hit the basement early.

1a. (Speed) bench + orange bands barx20 95x10 135x5 185x3 225x8x3
1b. Band pull aparts
2. Bowflex chest press 160x25,15
3. Lateral raise 25x20,12
4. DB curls 2 sets
5. Pushups with bands 2 sets


Happy New Year Steve, you beast.

I’ve read that shoulders should be directly over the bar at start of pull, so maybe adjust a bit. Would llikely help those seriously heavy deadlifts on which you thrive.


Thank you Mac. I hope you have a great New Years.


  1. 17’’ step ups BWx10,10 +25x10,10
  2. Leg curls superset with BW calf raises x 3 sets
  3. 17’’ box front squats with chains (chain weight not included) barx10 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x5 315x3 135x10,15

My back is feeling great. Only a little tight. The front squats don’t seem to bother it. I may try zercher box squats next.


Happy New Year


Thank you. And you as well


1a. Bench barx25 95x10135,185,225,275,315,335,350x3 275x2 sets 225x1set
1b. Neutral grip chins x12 sets
2. Lateral raises superset with band pull aparts x 2 sets

Looking and feeling good. (That’s what I keep telling myself).



  1. Zercher squat to 15’’ box barx2x10 135x2x5 185x5 225x5 275x5 315x3 365x1 225x10,5
  2. Front squat to 15’’ box 135x3x10

The zerchers to a box feel awesome. I got a little lightheaded with 365. It was impossible to take a breath. But I was pain free. Back,knees,etc. So I can front and zercher squat to a box pain free. I’m pumped.


A 365 zercher.

Bet your arms are a bit longer from that lift.


I’m a big fan of Zerchers. Not everyone is.
It’s helped my squat probably as much as any squat variation.
Keeps me from folding over.
I think it also helps DL.,getting tight and keeping the bar close.
Hope the training goes well


Mac, my arms were a little tender towards the end of the workout.

Clee, I imagine if my zercher numbers go up my squat numbers should follow. And they don’t make my lower back ache.

1a. MP barx20 95x10 115x5 135x5 155x5 175x5 135x5 155x5 175x5 195x5 135x10
1b. A bunch of rows

Not sure why but I think every joint in my body was on fire. I tried an extended warm up but it didn’t help.


Zerchers are manly !! and 365 is no joke son !!


Thanks Paul. You decide where you’re moving?

Warmup 3 sets BW step ups

  1. Semi sumo deads 135,225,275,315,375,405,405x3
  2. Paused deads 3 sets with 315
  3. Front squats to 17’’ box 135,185,225,275x5 315x3 365x1 225x5

Took it easy with deadlifts. I need to get a couple stones in the basement. Maybe this weekend I’ll roll one down.


I have a vision of a giant boulder going bumpity bump bump down a looong flight of stairs, finally landing with a giant cloud of dust. Please do not disappoint me…


Steve’s kidding about rolling a stone into basement.

He’ll carry it.