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New Hampshire Lifter II


Thanks all. That penguin is from my oldest son’s third grade class. He’s a freshman in college now so its been there for 10 years. I’m not used to using a good bench with a wide pad and good grip on my back. But I think I’m going to like it. And that chair is a must for an overweight, bald, almost 50 year old man.


Today was the first day in a week I could stand up straight since last Friday night. My back was really pissed. I thought better about doing squats or deadlifts so I did some single leg work. I wrapped my 2 big chains around myself for most of the workout.

  1. Step ups x 3 sets
  2. Reverse lunges x 2 sets
  3. Single leg box squats x 1 set
  4. Single leg calf raise


Glad you’re upright again.


Thanks Mac. I’m glad about it too.


  1. 17’’ step ups BWX12, +1 chain x12, +2 chains x12
  2. Reverse lunge +2 chains x10
  3. Leg curls super set with BW calf raise x4 sets
  4. 17’’ box front squat 135x10,10,10,20

I’ve noticed my right leg is a bit weaker than my left. So I should probably keep single leg work in my program.


Your gym looks pretty cool; must be nice (if it’s heated?)

I figure the posing mirrors are in another room then…??


Yep the basement is heated. But even in the winter we open the door to let the fresh air in. There are a couple mirrors in there that maybe didn’t show in the pictures. So some posing does occur from time to time.

1a. MP barx20 95x10 135,155,185,185x5 135x20
1b. Cambered bar rows 135x6x10
2a. Dips with chains x 3 sets
2b. Chins with chains x 3 sets
3a. Pushups with bands or chains x 4 sets
3b. Chin ups x 4 sets.


For safety’s sake, then, shouldn’t you have an eyewash station? j/k. That’s a real nice setup there. I’m jealous.


Tony, when the gun show starts it’s nothing but eye candy. No wash needed baby. (followed by a Ric Flair ‘wooo’).




Just thought I would stop by and wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!


And where have you been young man?


I want to come to your house and train. Awesome set up.


Be sure Steve invites Ted Arcidi if you go to his house to train.


Merry Christmas to you Paul and to everyone. You’re all invited to train. But its more fun in the nice weather to train outside.
Paul, Kainen and I are signing up for that RPS meet in April. Any intrest? Kainen is going to bench only but I’m gonna try a full meet.

I tried the marching to a small step up exercise. I’m on the fence if I like it.


  1. 135x50 sec, 225x30,30 sec, 315x20,20,20 sec
  2. Cambered squat bar zercher hold 175x30,30 sec



I loaded thebtrap bar Sat but I was fried by the time I finished pulling. I may give it a ttr Sat


Steve- you guys doing States I assume?


ICL, hope you were able to do some carries today.
Paul, it is the RPS states on April 13. I’m hoping to not embarrass myself.

1a. BWx3x10
1b. Leg curls 100x3x10
2. Trap bar deads 135,185,245,295,335,385,425,475x3 335x3x5
3. Trap bar sldl 245x3x10

I’m still not confident with my lower back. So I thought the trap bar may be a better choice to deadlift with tonight. I didn’t use a belt With any sets.


Steve, Merry Christmas to you and the family and Ted Arcidi too.

I bought my self a sandbag for Christmas. I’ll be watching your stone work with even more interest now.


Merry Christmas to you and everyone, Mac.

1a. Bench + mini band(orange) barx20 95x10 135,185,225x5 275,315x3 365x1 315x3
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx3,4,5,6,15+4 or 5 more sets
2a. Lateral raisex2 sets
2b. Band pull aparts x2 sets
3a. Pushdowns x2 sets
3b. Curlsx2 sets

I like the little orange band. Adds enough at the top to notice.