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New Hampshire Lifter II


Sweeeet! I’m sure “he” willl love it!


CL, ‘he’s’ really excited about the bench.

Hit the weights this morning. Get Thanksgiving off tho a good start.


  1. 17’’ box squats + chains: barx10 145,195,235,285,325,375,415x5 (+ ?30-50 lbs chains)
  2. 17’’ box front squats + chains: barx5 145,195x5 235,285x3
  3. Leg curls superset with BW calf raises x 3 sets


That’s a nice “gift.”


Crippler, the reviews for the bench are good. It should be ok.

1a. Sldl standing on 4’’ deficit 135,185,225,275,315,365x5
1b. Chin ups BWx6 sets
2. bb rows/deadlift combo 315x5-5 275x5-5 225x5-5
3a. MP barx10 95,135,155x5
3b. Band pull aparts 4 sets

MP after sldl just didn’t work for me. My low back was too pumped to stand straight. I had to stop after 155.


Today’s the first day I’ve lifted since last Sunday. I tweaked my back and couldn’t stand up straight until Thursday. I was walking around like I shit my pants. But I’m back at it today. I tried to start things with a real warm up.

5 minute bike
Yoga for big bastards (6 simple poses)
1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135,185,225x5 275,315x3 245x4x6
1b. Neutral grip chins 8 sets
2a. Rear delt raise 3 sets
2b. Lateral raise 3 sets
3. Rope pushdowns 1 set


In Atlanta for a few days. A work conference. Found a local gym within walking distance. All the plates were in kilograms. 20,15 and 10. No one was using the squat racks. Everyone was on the machines or aerobic equipment. No lines for me.

  1. Box squats worked up to 4 20 kg plates on each side for 2 sets of 5
  2. Box front squats 3 sets
  3. Glute ham raise x 3 sets
  4. Leg curls x 3 sets


Glad your back is feeling better!


“No lines for me”

Parted the crows by walking through the gym?


Thanks CL. I need to add more warm ups and conditioning. I think that would help my back.

Mac, this gym has all kinds of cool stuff but people are doing curls, abs and pushdowns. And I didn’t see anyone doing real leg work. One woman was doing walking lunges.

1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135,185,225,275,315x5 365x3 405x1 315x5 225x12
1b. Chin ups BW x several sets
2a. MP 135x5,5,20
2b. BB rows 225x10,10,20

The gym is over a 1/2 mile away from the hotel. So the walk there was a good warmup and then cool down on the way back. Oddly the weights in the bench area were in lbs but the ones in the squat area were in kgs. 365 felt good so I thought why not try 405.


Strong bench work.
When do we get to see your (um…his) new bench set up?

Do we HAVE to wait for Santa…


The bench arrived last week. I put it all together only to find the pad had been crushed on one side. So we’re waiting for the replacement pad to be sent. My oldest was so disappointed. My wife ordered the fat pad yesterday so I’m not sure which one will get here first.


Maybe get Ted Arcedi to come over and crush the other side?

Gotta be something in the water in your area…


Mac, I’ll stop down to his shop and see if he’ll help.

Semi-sumo deads 135,185,225,275,315,365x3 (had to stop)

My back let me know I should give deadlifting a rest for awhile. I’m going to replace deads with the trapbar for a bit.


1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135,185x5 225x5,3,10,5,3,10,3,3,3
1b. Chin ups BWx13 sets
2a. Lateral raise 20s x2x25,15
2b. Band pull aparts 2 sets
3. Rope pushdowns 50x25,20

My back is a little tweaked but should be better in a couple days. The fat pad came tonight for the bench after I’d worked out. So maybe a little light benching tomorrow.


My son worked up to a heavy triple on the new bench today. He said it felt solid and is happy with the new gym addition. Give it a go myself later in the week.


1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135x5 185x5 225x3 275x3 315x3 335x3 355x2 315x5
1b. Chin ups BWx10 sets
2a. Bow flex chest press x 2 sets
2b. Band pull aparts x 2 sets
3. Rope pushdowns superset with dips x 2 sets

The gym is all set up now.



Wow! Very nice! That new bench is sexy! I am happy to see the penguin is there!


Everything a big boy needs. Nice bench!



…but I gots to know…

What’s the chair for??? :wink: