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New Hampshire Lifter II


Oh no! Luke?


Yes. Poor Mr Luke. Vet thinks he had cancer. You don’t realize how much a dog becomes part of the family until this happens.


I’m so sorry for your loss.


Let’s not overlook those 405 rows. Fantastic, even for you.


Sorry for your loss. I’ve been there too.


Thanks CL and Crippler. Feeling better today.

Mac, remember I show movies on my lat spread. Ha ha ha. JK.

1a. MP barx20 95,115,135,155,175,195x5
Bradford press 135x12
1b. Neutral grip chins superset with band pull aparts x 8 sets

Short and sweet. The way I like my workouts.


Steve, I forgot about the movies. Now we know where the wide screen originated.
I don’t want to appear heartless about the dog, but multiple 405 rows!


Sorry to hear about your dog.

405 is a big ass row.
100 rep squats
100 rep deads.

you are a good man


Mac, I laughed when I read, ’I don’t want to appear heartless…but multiple 405 rows’.

Thanks Kevin. I keep trying to keep it interesting.


  1. 17’’ box squats barx10 145,195,235,285,325,375,415x5
    2a. Leg curls 3 sets
    2b. BW calf raises 3 sets


Steve, nobody’s laughing at your 405 rows. I mean, to walk around upright afterwards…


I’ll video it next time. So you can witness the body English involved.


1a. bench: barx20 95,135,185,225x5 275,315,335x3 225x10
1b. straight bar curls 9 sets

My plow guy told me last second he’s done plowing. So I got up at 5 and cleared my driveway for an hour and a half. Unfortunately I never had my snowblower serviced so it was shovel and scoop. Already have my 10,000 steps in I’m sure.




  1. Semi sumo deads 135,185,225x5 275,315,365,405,455,495x3
  2. Bb row/deadlift combo 405x5-5 315x5-5 225x5-5

Downloaded the video so the body English could be witnessed.


Thanks for making the rest feel like slackers!


^ Ditto Steve.


Damn, strong work.


Thanks all. I like this combo. Think I’ll keep it in the mix.

1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135x10 165x10 185x10 225x10 275x10,8,6 225x10
1b. Band pull aparts
2a. Rear db raises x 3 sets
2b. Rope pushdowns x 3 sets
3. Db and straight bar curls x a few sets



Just ordered this for my oldest son (wink,wink for my son).