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New Hampshire Lifter II


100 reps is a day’s work.


Crippler, my tank was empty after that workout. I didn’t wear a belt yesterday so both my lower back and obliques are aching today.

Pick up my cpap tomorrow. I hope I adjust to quickly.


It will probably take a while, but worth it once you get used to it.


100 reps related to that cpap machine?


Thanks Crippler. Picked it up today. See how it goes tonight.

No relation Mac. Just feeling my way around.

1a. MP 155x5,5,10,5,10,5,5,5 135x5x10
1b. Band pull aparts after every set



  1. Cambered bar 17’’ box squat + chains barx10 175x5 225x5 265x5 315x5 365x2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5
    2a. Leg curls 90x3x15
    2b. Leg raise things x 3 sets
  2. BW calf raises 3 sets

I didn’t add the chain weight to my numbers. I’m not sure what they weigh. Maybe 40-50 lbs. I used my precisley calibrated 17’’ box tonight.




1a. Bench barx20 95,135,185,225,275x5 315x7
1b. Band pull aparts after every set
2a. Bench + chains (chain weight not included) 225x5x5
2b. Band pull aparts after every set

I usually don’t like to lift this soon after another workout but my oldest asked me to bench with him.
I’ve had my cpap for five nights now. The first three nights were terrible because I didn’t like the first mask. But I switched it for another and the past two nights have been good. I think I feel more rested. But it could just be in my head.


It took me a while to find the right mask too. Also, I like the old school stump.


Steve the stump looks great. You’ll probably be using a flat rock one of these days.


Crippler, still getting used to the cpap experience. I hope to start seeing improvements in my workouts.

Mac, when I find the right stone I’ll be using it.


  1. Semi-sumo deads 135,185,225,275,315,365,404,455x3
  2. BB row-deadlift combo 315x2x5-5 275x2x5-5

I really like the bb row deadlift combo. 5 reps of rows followed by 5 reps of deadlifts.


BB rows w/315. Great lifting as usual Steve. I was thinking during my workout this am how similar they are.


Catching up and you’re still lifting strong. Just like biker I was almost impressed by the BB rows with 315.


Don’t be too impressed because my stomach is so big now I only have to pull the bar a couple inches off the floor for bb rows.

1a. MP barx15 95,115,135,155,175x5 185x6 135x10
1b. Chin ups BWx8x5
2a. Cgb 225x3x10
2b. Band pull aparts 3 sets
3a. Db curls 25s x2x20
3b. Rope push downs 80x2x10

I’m not sure why but I wasn’t feeling it today. I ate well and had a good nights sleep. So I have no excuses. But I put the time in and went through the motions.



Did some stretching and bb complexes this morning. Then I rode my wife’s spin bike for a bit.


Pictures or that never happened!

I’ve taken spin classes. I think you’re 3X wider than the kind of human they build those bikes for… :wink:


Punny, I didn’t say how out of breath I was or how uncomfortable I felt. It wasn’t pretty.


  1. 17’’ box squat barx10 145,195,235,285,325,375,415x5
  2. Sldl 135,185,225,275x5 315x10

I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the cpap. Feeling more awake during the day. Now to get some carryover to my lifting.


Steve, just reduce your carb intake for awhile. Lifts might suffer a bit but you’ll get the gut down.

Judging from Bulldog’s, Crippler’s and your posts, I’m starting to think cpap machines are a mechanical steroid.


One of these days I’ll watch my carbs. Maybe next Monday.

1a. Bench: barx20 95x10 135,185,225x5 275,315,335,350,315,315x3
1b. Neutral grip chins: BW and +25 x 11 sets

My favorite workouts are just 2 big exercises for a bunch of sets. After 30-40 minutes my mental and physical enthusiasm fades quickly.



  1. Semi-sumo deads 135x6 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3 365x3 405x3 455x3
  2. Bb rows/deadlift combo 405x3-3 365x3-3 315x5-5 275x5-5 225x5-5

My outside lifting buddy had to be put down last Wednesday. I was surprised how much it’s bummed me out.
But I was back at it today. There was a lot of body swing with the 405 and 365 rows.