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New Hampshire Lifter II


Got the neck bigger than 17" but not the rest. Guess you’ve got to sleep to have sleep apnea.


At least I don’t fall asleep in middle of day and wife hasn’t said I stop breathing. Curious what you find out.


Harry, I believe sleep is part of that equation.

Biker, sounds like you and Harry most likely sleep like normal human beings. I’ll report my results when I get them.

It was so beautiful out I had I get outside for a workout. I did mostly jumps but threw in some tire flips, push ups and sit ups. J



  1. Semi-sumo deads 135,185,225,275,315,365,405,455x3

2a. Bench barx20 95,135,185,225,275,315x5
2b. B.B. row-deadlift combo 225x3x10 275x3x10

The row-dead combo was 5 rows then 5 deads continuos. Gets the heart rate going.


Good numbers.


There is a 1 in 5 chance I’m moving to Concord NH and if so, Im steeling your rocks in the middle of the night…

Looking as strong as ever young man


That would be cool. Moving to Concord, not stealing my rocks. I live 3 towns over from concord. Takes about 40 minutes to get to my place. I’d share my stuff once in awhile.

Thanks Mac. I keep trying.



1a. Bench with chains(chain weight not
Included) barx20 95,135,165,185,225,255,285,315x3 365x1 225x15
1b. Straight bar curls 11 sets 75-95 lbs

I benched yesterday but my oldest asked if I’d set up the chains for him. One thing led to another and I was benching again today. We figured at least 40 lbs of added weight with the chains. So I was very happy with how the weights moved today.


I have a question if you or someone else could help
My father is 79 and had a bypass 8 months ago
He has lost a lot of his strength and wanted to start going to the gym to do some free weights
But it’s been over 20years since he has lifted any weight
I’m not sure where to start with him that would be safe or how to go about it
Any information on a program for elders would be appreciated


Elder? Steve? In what universe?


Mekko, glad your dad did ok post surgery. My father had open heart seven weeks ago and is still recovering. So I understand how weak it makes a person. And I’m glad to hear he wants to start working out again. My advice would be to ask one of the coaches/trainers on this site. Like Thibaudeau, Carter or Wendler. If you’re unaware each of those guys has their own forum. I’m sure they could either give advice or point you to some who could. Good luck and please give updates how your dad is progressing.


I hope to follow in your and Harry’s footsteps. You guys are 60+ and still killing it.


Not as well as you are in your 40s.


My sleep results came back and show I have severe sleep apnea. I’ll be getting my machine next week. Be all perky and awake.


Probably an uptick in strength too.


I hope so Mac.


  1. Cambered bar 17’’ box squat 225x100 total reps
  2. SLDL 225x6x5

I didn’t feel like lifting heavy. 225 felt right.


Ah, the old 225 box squat for 100 reps routine.
Light and right for you would kill me.


I love this. Steve, seriously, you’re bound to feel stronger with better sleep.


Thanks Tony. Glad to see you posting again.

Mac, still waiting for the call to pick up my machine. I hope with some sleep my lifts go up.

1a. Bench 225x10,5,15,5,20,5,10,12,6,6,4,2x100 total reps
1b. Band pull aparts after every bench
2. Straight bar curls super set with db curls x 6 sets

My oldest wanted to bench 225x50 total reps so I had to do more. My last 4 sets of bench and pull aparts I didn’t rest just kept bouncing from one exercise to another. Got all swoll.



Deadlift 315x5,5,5,10,5,5,5,10,5,5,10,5,5,10,5,5 = 100 total reps

I did all the 5 rep sets overhand and the 10 rep sets with straps. Wanted to give the grip a workout too.