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New Hampshire Lifter II


What?!?! Your wife doesn’t want big tires and stones strewn about the yard? What’s wrong with her?

CL, that’s Luke. Just turned 12. He follows me everywhere. Loves people and tennis balls.

Got outside for tire flips and stone lifts. And it was awesome. (Yes Crippler I’m trying to make you jealous because you bench more than I do).


My wife still laughs when her friends come over and ask her why there cannonballs all over the back yard.


Laughing should stop when you pick up a few.


Do you have pot holes all over the yard? I’ve got a bunch up in my workout area.

I think laughing stops when the friends see the size of Harry.

Seeing it’s the last day of summer I got outside for a workout. I busted my new stone out of the mold. It looks good but still seems wet. So I’ll let it keep curing.

1a. Tire flips x 8 sets x 5 flips
1b. Jumps or pushups
2. Several stone lifts


1a. Bench+orange bands barx20 95,135,165,185,225x10 275x9 315x3 335x1 225x10
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx9 sets

Did this one with my oldest. Good times.


Pulled another stone out of the woods today. Good posterior chain and biceps workout. I’ve spied several other stones I want to liberate from the wilderness.


I just caught up in here

kids graduating school
new grill new rocks.
really good lifting too


Hey Kevin thanks for stopping in. My kids are 17 and 19. So I’ve got time to build atlas stones and pull stones out of the woods. And grill and smoke meat every weekend.



  1. Semi-sumo deads 135,185,225,275,315,365,405,455x3
  2. Semi-sumo dead standing on 4’’ blocks 315x5x3
  3. Walking lunges BW x at least 50 each leg

My body still feels beat up from Saturday’s stone moving. So I didn’t go too heavy. My legs are going to feel those lunges tomorrow.


MP barx15 95x5 115x5 135x5 155x5 175x3 195x3 225x3 185x5 135x10

Only had 1 exercise in me last night.


225 x 3 mp is adequate


Thank you. I’ll take adequate all day.

Lifted stones last night. Good times.



1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135x10 185x5 215x5 245x5 275x11 215x20
1b. 1 arm seated cable rows 50,70,90,100,120x10 140x7 175x10( used straps) 100x10

I had more exercises planned but I was spent. Get my take home sleep study gadgets on Monday. I know I have apnea. I’m just curious to what degree.


Sorry to hear about the sleep apnea. Hope they get you fixed up with a cpap to straighten it out.


I have it too. Its one of the curses of having large chest and neck. The CPAP has helped. It’s just a pain in the butt when I travel.


Thanks CL. I’m actually excited to get good sleep. Feel like an 18 year old again.

Crippler, I’ve accepted I need help. I can fall asleep watching tv or reading internet news. And my wife has been tortured enough with my snoring.


I got outside for a bunch of jumps, push ups and tire flips. I carried a stone for a bit but really nothing to report.


1a. MP barx20 65x10 95,115,135,155,175,195,215x5 135x25
1b. Neutral grip chins BW and +25 x 10 sets
2. Cambered bar squats barx10 175x10 225x5x10

My oldest worked out with me so this was a fun workout. I haven’t squatted without a box for quite a bit. But the squats felt great. I’m sure my depth was suspect but there’s no video proof.


Are those the symptoms?


Biker, loud snoring, stop breathing when you sleep, can fall asleep in the middle of the day, neck is larger than 17 inches. If you have a few of these or all of them you may have sleep apnea. I did the take home test last week but won’t get the results until next week.


Went for a walk with my oldest son. Hopefully hit the big tires tomorrow after work.