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New Hampshire Lifter II



Thanks Mac.

Got the stone out of the hole with a come along and some draw tights. I tried to get a selfie for size comparison but I obviously suck at selfies. Then I started a new atlas stone. I figure it will be 18’’ and around 240 lbs.


I told @brute_fury that she might need to help you with the rocks but I see you got it!


I could have used her for sure!!



Feeling Zen right now. Get back to the weights tomorrow.




Found one more. That’s it for the day.


That pvc pipe is a good idea. Those last rocks look like the kind landscapers in my neighborhood move with back hoes.


Mac, if I had any sense I would have gotten a backhoe.

1a. MP barx10 95,115,130,150x5 170x10 190x1 210x1
1b. Chin ups BWX8 sets
2. Db bench 75x20,12
3. Kroc row 160x10

Back in the dungeon. Everything felt good I just ran out of gas after the Kroc rows.


Steve, we have weak landscapers in my neighborhood.


Damn weak landscapers.


  1. Trap bar deads 135,185,225,275,315x5 365x10 405,455x1
  2. Powertec squats 2 ppsx2x20
  3. Leg curls 90x15,12,10
  4. Powertec calf raises 2 ppsx2 sets

(pps-plates per side)

It’s been a bit since I’ve squatted or pulled. I’m going to feel this tomorrow.




Adequate for Steve is above almost everybody else on here.


Thanks guys.

1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135,165,185,225x5 250,300,320,350x3 250x10
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx11 sets

Off to watch my youngest’s hockey game.



Poured my newest stone this morning. I’m a bit disappointed because it’s only going to weigh around 230 lbs. It was supposed to weigh 240-250


I think I might use our strategy on my wife for stones. If I tell her they will make the yard look better, I might have a shot.

I was talking to the guy who runs our motor pool at work and he told me he would give me any size old tire I want. Even up to the giant dump truck ones. She shot a hole in that great idea.


I like your helper!