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New Hampshire Lifter II



Got outside for a bunch of stone lifts and carried my shield shaped concrete thing. Fun workout.


Nice. I see they show Terry Todd and Jan in the films. Met him and Jan several times at different events back in the day. They don’t get the credit they deserve for making powerlifting a major sport and pioneering it.


That’s really cool you met them. I found some pictures of her rack pulling hundreds of pounds.



1a. Bench barx20 95,135,185,225x5 275,295x3 225x5,5,21
1b. Sldl both snatch grip and sumo 135x2x5 185x2x5 225x2x5 275x2x5 315x2x5

My forearms, biceps and abs ache from Friday’s workout. So I didn’t grind today. I alternated snatch grip sldl and semi-sumo sldl.



I moved these out of the bushes today. One all the way down to an expanding stone barrier and the other 12 feet from its original resting place. The one on the board has to weigh 600-700 lbs.


Looks like you got serious!


so you only had to use one arm to brace on top of your shoulder !


These appear naturally in your yard, huh? No wonder you’re as strong as you are.


CL, serious, no. A little nutty, yes.
Paul, bahahahahaha
Biker, I gots more stones then you can shake a stick at.



I busted my ass getting this rock out of the bushes and across the lawn. It’s kind of shaped like a turtle. When it was on the flat side it was a bitch to flip. It took 1-4 tries every flip on this side. I had to psych myself up like a max deadlift. It wasn’t so hard to flip on the round side. But now it’s going to be a two person job with the small movements getting it into place.


watch your fingers! stone tend to be very unforgiving…


I haven’t crushed a finger but I did have the stone roll back onto my foot yesterday. My hand slipped half roll.


Back at it today. Got the stone in place. Then I started working on a bigger stone. I’m thinking of cutting a bunch of pvc pipes to roll it on. There’s no way I’m flipping this one.



You’ve got the beginning of a Karesansui, Japanese Rock Garden also called a zen , a zen garden.


^I’m sure that’s the look NLFTR is going after.


Harry, you just gave my collection of rocks a name, my zen garden. All peaceful and calm. I’ll go out sit on the rocks get all zen. Maybe with a drink and cigar.

Biker, if an arrangement of stones is a zen garden then I guess I want a zen garden. And you can call me Steve if you’d like.


Steve it is. Call me Mac.