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New Hampshire Lifter II


CL, I love it all. Lifting the stones. Carrying the triangle thing. Jumping around. Hard to say which is my favorite. Now to get better at all of them. Hopefully by the end of the summer.


I did too.


That’s an awesome set up you have there. I wish I had that.


My neighbor caught on fire in my fire pit a few years ago. I told him using gasoline to start the fire was risky.

Crip, it would be great to have you and everyone over to lift the stones and flip the tires.


  1. Bench barx20 95x10 135,185,225,275,315,335,350x3
  2. Slingshot bench 405x7
  3. Inclines 135,225x10 275x5

Then I got outside to weed and weed whack. Now we’re grilling pork chops.


1a. Sled drags x a bunch
1b. Tire jumps x a bunch
2. Stone lifts