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New Hampshire Lifter II


Paul, guess I’ll have to stop buying all those toys off of Craig’s list.

I crawled up in the bushes and found another stone. Kinda shaped like a flying saucer. I was beat by the time I got it over to my stone lifting spot in the yard. So I only lifted it a few times.


1a. Bench barx20 95x10 135x5 165x5 185x5 225x3 255x3 285x3 315x3,3,1,1,1,1
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx1,2,3,4,5 +25x5,5 BWx5,5,5,5

The last 4 reps with 315 I rested 10-15 seconds between reps.


15 seconds can feel like an eternity



  1. Leg curls 5 sets x 10-15 reps
  2. Single leg calf raise BWx3 sets
  3. 17’’ box cambered bar squats barx10 172,225,265,315,355,405,445x3 495x1 355x10
  4. Trap bar dead lifts 135,225,315,405x5

Kainen was benching in the rack. So I passed time doing leg curls and calf raises. Which ended up being a good warm up.


True that big papa.



On a cruise with the family so not much serious training. Did some dumbbell stuff and BW lunges. Oh and ate too much.



  1. Db clean and press 30,40,50,60,70,80,90x5
  2. Farmers carries 90’sx2 trips
  3. Db rows 90x2x10

There are a bunch of great upper body machines in the gym here but no good leg exercises. I just stink at lunges and single leg movements so I did some whole body stuff. At least they have dbs up to 90. I did this quick workout at 8 after eating way too much at dinner. In St Martin tomorrow.


90 x 5 Db c/p is………fantastic, extraordinary, fabulous!!! (I was gonna say adequate but some people don’t understand my compliment system). Seriously, good lift.


I almost bought the airplane t shirt after our tour bus stopped on the road/runway for the 747 landing overhead. Jeez…


Thanks guys. I tried to lift a stone on St Martin but missed it. I think that will be my biggest letdown on this trip.

1a. Chest press 1 ppsx30,2 ppsx20,3 ppsx10,3 pps+25x7 strip to 3 pps strip to 2 pps as quickly as possible
1b. Machine row 1 ppsx30,2 ppsx20,3 ppsx10,3 pps+25x7 strip to 3 pps strip to 2 pps as quickly as possible
2. Smith machine squats barx10,1 pps,2 pps,3 ppsx5

I’ve never tried smith machine squats. They made my low back ache.


I can’t get my arms back to hold the bar in a smith machine. pps =?


Harry, with all the swimming you do I’d imagine your shoulders would be really mobile. Pps - plates per side.

Got home around 2:30 today and was out lifting stones by 3:30. I was practicing a tip I got from a strongman on YouTube. I think it helped a bit.


Shoulder replacement and other inflicted injuries have pretty well eliminated any movement of my left arm back past shoulder level. Ain’t doing no backstroke.


That’s how you’re so strong. Bionic shoulder replacement. Like the 6 million dollar man.

1a. Bench + micro mini bands barx2 sets 95,135,185,225x5 275,295,305,315x3 185x18
1b. Neutral grip chins x 11 sets x BW and +25
I wanted to do more but had enough after the 11 sets of bench and chins.



Trap bar carries x 345
Jumps onto tire
Stone lifts and carries
Tire flips

I did a bit of everything today. Sitting here on the deck sweating like crazy. I think my heart rate was around 1,000,000 at times. I may need some liquid refreshment in a little bit.


I initially read that as “Jumps into Fire”…than I put my glasses on! hope all is well.


Paul, it takes at least 8 beers to get me to jump into the fire.

I was planning on pressing today but the weather is beautiful. So I headed outside.


  1. Jumps onto and into tires and long jumps
  2. A bunch of mostly natural stone lifts
  3. Shield looking thing carry



A husafel stone? Sweet! To me this
looks more fun than the atlas stones!