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New Hampshire Lifter II


Harry, you say the nicest things to me.


  1. 17’’ box cambered bar squats (warmup) 315x3x10
  2. MP bar,95,115,135,155,175x10
  3. Hang cleans 135x10,7
  4. Outside for stone lifts

My oldest graduated from high school last night. My youngest will next year.





Thanks CL.

10 sled drags
4 hill sprints


Hope he got a good cigar and not a cheap stogie. Congratulations.


Congrats. I think your son’s fingers are bigger than the stogie.


Harry, he brought a few good ones for himself and his buddies. I was waiting for a parent or teacher to complain. But not even the police officers batted an eye.

I hope everyone had as great a Father’s Day as I did. Perfect weather, good food and working out. My son got the big green egg for a graduation present from us. He fired it up and cooked some burgers and sausages today. Came out great. I did some zercher carries outside and lifted stones.


Thanks PG. The boy has sausage fingers and Popeyes forearms. I really have no idea where he gets it. Maybe the mailman.


big green egg


If it was Harry, your boy is going to be one badass mofo!!!

Just kidding of course!!!

edit: (no idea why that was bolded, not intentional, strictly a low key type of low brow post)


Happy Fathers Day!


I wouldn’t be surprised because my wife does have good taste in men (obviously).


Thank you CL. I had a good one. I hope you had a great day as well.


Congrats to K !! well done! Congrats to you and the Mrs. as well… nice young man


Thanks Paul. One down one to go for high school. Next college.

1a. Bench with chains
1b. Bent over rows
Moved outside
2. 10x1 stone lifts

I’m still recovering from Sunday’s workout. Nothing was too heavy today.


Last time I was in New Hampshire was around 1994 and flew out of Pease AFB. Think I behaved myself. On the stone lifts, are you going to a shoulder?


Harry, I don’t shoulder the stones nearly as much as I should. I usually stack my big tires and place the stones on them. Around 48’’ high I think. But if I ever get to Scotland I want to lift and shoulder some of those stones.


  1. 100 sledgehammer swings
  2. Jumps on/in tires
  3. 20 tire flips


I haven’t done sledge hammer swings since I gave up any hopes of being an adequate javelin thrower and those were an overhead type. I think I’d like to start doing those. I’ve got a 20lb and a 12lb sledge what are you using?


I only use a 10 or 12 lb hammer. Here’s a cool article about what size hammer to use.


ahh the poverty years! enjoy…We just got our daughter finished this past fall so we are done, well other than paying the outstanding balance. but its worth it…

Sledgehammer work …add that to the long list of things I should be doing