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New Hampshire Lifter II


Well Paul not every meet can be a good one. Kainen put up 303 easily but missed 330. He recently put up 335 in the basement. So he was disappointed.

1a. Bench + micro mini bands barx20 95x10 135x5 185x5 210x5 245x5 275x7 210x3x8
1b. Baby cambered bar rows barx15 135x10 185x5 225x5 275x2x5 225x4x5

One of my favorite workouts. A big push and pull done together.


He competed, tried, and hopefully learned from the experience. That’s what matters.


Tru Dat , when we met I didn’t exacly have a “great”( I’m being kind to my fragile ego) day…so I feel his pain and disappointment. But he has many meets ahead of him and I am sure he will rock many stellar performances!


Deleted my last post by accident. So if you didn’t read it thanks Harry and Paul.

1a. MP barx18 95,115,130,150x5 170,130,130,130x10
2a. Neutral grip chins 9 sets
3a. Cambered bar bench 85x10 175x10 225x7,7 195x10
3b. Face pulls and band pull aparts super set 5 sets

May the 4th be with you.



  1. 17’’ box cambered bar squat barx10 135,175,225,260,300x5 340x10 360,380,400x1 260x3x5
  2. 17’’ box cambered bar GM-squat 175x2x5 225x3x5

I think I did the good morning squat correctly this time. At least it felt right. And I ditched the belt today to work on my core (I hate that word).


1a. Bench barx20 95x8 135,165,185,225,250,275,290x5 320x8 380x1
1b. Small cambered bar rows 10 sets
2a. MP 155x3x10
2b. Band pull aparts and face pulls 3 sets

I benched with my son Kainen and he wasn’t using bands so I guess neither was I. He was benching too heavy too often. I’ve got him to back off and follow a 5/3/1 type rep scheme. He bench 250x10 fairly easy tonight.


As I have learned, there is nothing better than father-son workouts. Just as long as mine remembers I’m still bigger, stronger and meaner.


Somehow I don’t picture you being mean. Strong yes.

Deadlifts 145,185,225,275,315,365,405x5
Then outside for a bunch of stone lifts.
Now I’m dirty and tired.


Doing stone lifts after 405 x 5 = adequate
Tired and dirty = good


Thanks Harry.


1a. MP barx15 95,115,135,150x5 170x3 190x10 150x behind neck x12
1b. Chin ups x 8 reps

I was still feeling beat up from lifting stones the other night. So kept it fairly short and sweet today.



  1. Cambered bar 17’’ box squat barx10 175,225,265,280,320x3 360x5 380,400,420x1 440x3 355x10
  2. sldl standing on 4’’ box 135,225,275,315,365x5

No problem.


Looks like some strong, strong work my friend !


^ I agree.


Thanks fellas. Just like all of us I keep chugging along.

1a. Bench +micro mini bands: warm-up,240x5 270x3 305x3 225x10
1b. Small cambered bar rows barx15 135,185,225,275,295,275,225,225,225x5

Got outside and carried the smaller atlas stones. Carrying needs to become a regular part of my workouts.


Any plans on trying a strongman contest?


Crippler, no plans for a strongman competition. Just keep lifting and carrying stuff in my backyard.


  1. Deadlift 135,185,225,275,315x3 335x5 385x3 430x5

Got outside and lifted some stones and did some zercher carries with the cambered bar.


That kind of stuff is going to make you strong for sure.


Crippler, I sure hope you’re right.

1a. MP barx20 95,115,135,155x5 175x10 195,215x1
1b. Chin-ups BWx10 sets
2. Bench 135,185,225x10 275x10

That was it. I was gassed.

Go Celtics!!!


That kinda stuff means you’re already strong.