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New Hampshire Lifter II


You are really lifting some good weight. I’m really close to being impressed.


^Close to being impressed, jeez.


Hey thanks guys. Kept things lighter tonight.

1a. MP barx15 95,115,135x5 145x8 155x6 165x4
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx7x5
2a. DB bench 75’s x18,12
2b. Pulldowns 200x22,16
3a. Rolling tri ext 40’s x12,12,10,10
3b. Hammer curls 40’s x4x8
4. Circuit 20 toe touches,30 bicycle sit ups, side plank each side


Someday I’ll explain the “levels of accomplishment” of to you beginning with " your reward is lack of punishment". He knows I think he’s doing “highly satisfactorily”.


Harry, you must be a great sensei. Any time you’d like to type out the levels of accomplishment or any other bits of wisdom I’d happily read them.

Semisumo deads 135,185,225,275,315x3 365x8 390x6 415x4

I did the agile 8 and some other warm up stuff.


I 4/7
1a. Bench + orange bands barx20 95x8 135,225,275x5 315x2 225x2x10
1b. Axle bar rows 105x10 155x10 195x5 245x3x5 205x2x5

I really like the small bands with bench. My grip needs work and my back was tired so I pulled out the axle bar. But as you can see it’s just a hollow bar I bought at Home Depot.



Toning things down a bit the past few workouts. I have to learn not to lift heavy all the time and not to do too many exercises.


  1. 17’’ box squat barx10 145,195,235,260,300x5 340x10
  2. snatch grip sldl 135,185,225,275,315x5


Never have figure out how to do that. Same as my throwing, always trying to go balls to the wall. Oh yeah, love the penguin on the wall. Gives the place that manly feel.


No stone work in the basement?


Harry, I’m confident enough with my manhood to hang a penguin cutout in my workout room.

Biker, my wife works third shift so I have to pick and choose when I’m going to bang rocks on the floor. I’m hoping it warms soon so I can get outside and lift stones after work.


1a. MP barx15 105,125,135,150x5 170,145x10
1b. Neutral grip chins BWx7 sets
2a. Bench + orange bands 185x5x10
2b. Rows with axle 195x5x10
2c. Band pull apart green bandx5x10

Feeling good



62 degrees and partly sunny here. So stone lifting outdoors was manditory. Afterwards I did some light sldl in the basement. I’ll try and carry that cement triangle thing my next outdoor workout.



1a. MP barx20 65x10 95,135,150,170,190,220x5 135x20
1b. Axle bar rows 9 sets
2a. Bench + chains 135x10 185,225x5 275x3 225x10
2b. Band pull aparts 5 sets
3. db curls 30’s x25

I had the pleasure of training with my oldest son today. He wanted to MP so that’s what we did. Fired up the smoker for pork tenderloin and ribs. Should be a good dinner.


Nice toys. db curls with 30 for 25 is respectable. Any meat smoked = goo eatin, ami.


Harry, I can’t stop collecting. I have issues. Just ordered a cambered squat bar. My oldest and I started smoking just before Christmas. So we’re still honing our skills. Our ribs are always awesome but other stuff has come out dry. I need to time covering with tinfoil and mopping the meat more often.


  1. 17’’ box squats + chains barx10 145x5 235x5 285x5 325x5 375x3 415x3,3,3
  2. GM squat + chains 145x10 145x5,5

I think I had at least 50 lbs of chain weight at the top. Everything felt great but I just ran out of steam. And I should be squatting again this weekend with the cambered squat bar I ordered.


1a. MP barx20 95,135,155,175,195,215x5 155x15
1b. Small cambered bar rows barx20 135x8,8 185x8,8,8,10,20
2a. 2 board bench + micro mini bands 135x10 185x10 225x5 275x3 315x3 365x1 225x10
2b. Band pull apart 7 sets

Looks like the squat cambered bar I ordered will be delivered on Monday. I can’t wait to squat, zercher, carry, MP and bench with it. But maybe not all on Monday.




Well maybe just one light set of everything…