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New Hampshire Lifter II


stationary bike tabata 4 minutes
leg curls x3 sets
calf raise x3 sets (standing superset with seated)
leg ext x3 sets (superset with BW squats)
17’’ box ssb 155x3x15
BW hip bridge

Paying for my binge eating.



stationary bike tabata x4 minutes

  1. superset lat raises- db shld press x3 sets
  2. band pull aparts x3 w
  3. superset pushdowns - push-ups x3 sets
  4. superset db curls - str bar curls x3 sets

Everything 10-40 rep range. Got all swole. Snow blowing and shoveling mixed in there today as well.



1 stationary bike tabata x4 minutes
2 superset leg curl - db sldl x3 sets
3 superset leg ext - ssb box x3 sets
4 superset standing calf raise - seated calf raise x3 sets

Superset city.



1a bb rows 135+orange band x5x20
1b superset bowflex fly 160 lbs - push-ups x5 sets

Wine and movie night. Weather permitting prowler tomorrow.


Wife bought her a bottle of Sutter House Moscato wine for New Years Eve. Way to sweet for me but it’s her go to New Years Eve drink. Her and the sister in laws will all bring different kinds and sit around and get tipsy. Hope you have a good new years.

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I’m with you about the moscato. Way too sweet. I hope the food and drink was good and you all had a good time.


1 stationary bike tabata x4 minutes
2a superset leg curls - db sldl x3 sets
2b superset lat raises - shld press - db upright row x3 sets

Doesn’t look like much but I moved quickly and kept all the sets high rep. I actually felt a little nauseous.



1 stationary bike tabata x4 minutes
2a standing calf raises x5 sets
2b rope pushdowns x5 sets
3a seated calf raises x5 sets
3b cable curls x5 sets

Working on the guns.


Never ending.

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Mac, I do what I can.


5 minute stationary bike tabata
t-handle swings 53x5x25

It’s really cold out. So I babied out and conditioned in the basement.



1 stationary bike tabata x4 minutes
2 superset leg ext - ssb squat - chin-ups x4 sets
3 bowflex fly x4 sets

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It snowed 3-4 inches. I can’t complain because I enjoy snow blowing and shoveling. Try to get some tar showing tomorrow.


1 superset lateral raises - db shld press - db upright row - band pull aparts x3 sets
2 rope pushdowns x4 sets
3 cable curls x4 sets

All sets 10-25 reps.

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Steve, you’re living the dream in that snow. Rather you than me.

Stay strong.

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52 years of it. So I’ve got this snow thing figured out.


1 superset leg curl 75x25,20,15 - db sldl 75’s x3x12
2 superset leg ext 100x25,25,20 - BW squats x3 x10 - standing calf raise x3 sets

prowler +80 x6 pushes

It a bit cold but after a couple pushes I wasn’t cold at all.



1 shoulder super sets: lateral raises, front raises, db ohp, band pull aparts x a bunch of sets
2 bicep supersets: cable curls, db curls, straight bar curls x a bunch of sets
3 triceps supersets: rope pushdowns, push-ups, top 1/2 db ohp

Hard to write down what I did. Just all over the map.


stationary bike tabata x4 minutes

1 superset leg curls 75x23,15,12 - sldl 225x3x10
2 superset leg ext 100x25,25,20 - 17’’ box ssb 155x3x10
3 3 sets standing calf raises superset with seated calf raises


Just checking in…hope you and yours are well… and remember bikini season is coming so lets get to work!!!

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Isn’t that the time when the snow retreats into the woods?

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Thanks for stopping in Paul. Boys and wife are doing well. Just cold as shit here. -5 with wind chill of -27. I won’t be pushing the prowler outside today. Hope things are good with you.

Mac, sounds about right.


1a straight arm pushdowns 40x3x25
1b bowflex flys 160x20,15,12
2a db floor press 50s x45,40,35
2b cambered bar rows 135x30,25,25
3 db front raise x3 sets

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