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New Hampshire Lifter II

One can of the six pack?

If it is a hernia, I have an umbilical hernia. I just put the belt directly over it. Of course, I am not pushing the weight you are?

It’s the entire length of the center of my abs. I think it’s diastasis recti. Looks like an alien coming out of my stomach when I do sit-ups. So I’m going to back the weight off and get reps in.

Whoa! Take care of that! Hope it is an easy fix!

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prowler push: emptyx1, +70x1, +150x5

No heat stoke today. It’s 39 degrees outside.


39 degrees. a/c weather here, soaking wet from my min garage workout

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Mac, 27 degrees with a windchill of 15 right now. Just walked the dog. Froze my butt off.


  1. superset leg curl 85x3x20 - RDL 135x3x12
  2. superset powertec calf raise 90x3 sets - seated calf raise x3 sets
  3. superset leg ext 85x3x20 - powertec squats +90 and white bands x3 10

Superset city baby.

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Jeez. November.

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Says “no heavy Squats”…then posts a double @ 505lbs…Nice.

That Ab issue sounds tough man-I’ll be hoping for a decent Dr. report. Like you said, you’ll get some reps in and regroup soon.

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Mac, I can’t complain. It’s been mild up until recently.

Eric, I’m taking up the bodybuilding life style bro. Feel the muscle through the full range of motion yo………ha!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



  1. bowflex fly 160 - 2 board bench 135x3 sets
  2. straight arm pushdowns 40 lbs - row 135x3 sets
  3. pushdowns 40x3 sets
  4. cable curl 40 - db curls 15’s x3 sets
  5. lateral raises 15’s - db shld press 40’s x3 sets

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Steve. Stay warm.

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