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New Hampshire Lifter II


1 3’’ block pulls 135x3 185x3 225x3 315x3 405x3
2a BW squats 4x25
2b sit-ups x4 sets

Post workout nutrition is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and mixed vegetables. Made it myself.


Good nutrition plan goes along way :+1:

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A man of many talents.

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Meatloaf, mashed potatoes = good nutrition. :grin:

I’m a man of many talents. Just ask me.

1a single arm db bench 40x30 75x15,15
1b single arm pulldowns 50x20,15,15
1c suitcase carry 75x3 short trips
2a single arm lateral-front raise-db ohp 15x3 sets
2b single arm band pushdowns x3 sets
3 single arm db curls x3 sets

Working on the unilateral training.



prowler push: emptyx1 trip, +90x1 trip, +160x5 trips

Just finished this in the dark. Didn’t sprint any of these. Walked them all. Feel the burn.


Do you have your Prowler out back?..or driveway ect.??

I keep the prowler in the garage and push it up and down the driveway. These are pictures from this summer.



1 superset: 30-45 sec bike sprint and leg ext x3 sets
2 superset: leg curls and calf raises x3 sets
3 17’’ box ssb: 155x25,20,15
4 hip thrusts x3 sets

Feeling good.

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How’s the rock harvesting going? Some on front of your house?

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No stone harvesting lately. Maybe I should get back on that.

1a 2 board bench barx10 95x10 135x10 185x10 225x10 275x7 225x15
1b t-handle swings 53x7x25
2 bb rows 135x25,25,15
3 a couple sets of arms and lateral raises



prowler push: emptyx1, +70x1, +150x1, +230x2, +150x1

Up and down the driveway like a gerbil on a wheel.

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1a leg curls 75x20,12,10
1b powertec calf raises white bands x12,10,10
2 17’’ box ssb 155x3x30

I kept it light and simple.


I was looking at buying one very similar. What kind of review do you give it?

Crip, the prowler is a fun piece of equipment. Light weight for conditioning, heavy for strength, vary the distance and time between sets, etc. Knowing how you train I think you’d love it.

bench 135x45,20.20,15
rows 135x25,25,20,15,15
rope pushdowns 40x30,20,20,20,10
straight bar curls 45x45,20,20,15
lateral raises 10’s x40,25,25,10


Is somebody getting their sexy on ? All this high rep work suggests so!

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Thanks. I think it’s my next piece of equipment.

Bringing sexy back.

I’m looking forward to reading your prowler workouts.


1 superset leg curl-powertec calf raise-seated calf raise x3 sets
2 superset: 30 sec bike sprint-leg ext-powertec squats x3 t

This was quick and slightly painful.


You think your prowler is a better workout than your yoke?

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Steve, you still looking at that meet on the 4th?

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Mac, I find the yoke can burn you out really quickly but I could use the prowler everyday. And I find it’s easier to injure yourself with the yoke. But I like them both.

Skip, I won’t be competing in December. I have a weird bulge in the center of my abs that’s making me nervous. I have an appointment to see my doctor on December 3rd. See what he says. Until then no deadlifts or heavy squats.


  1. bowflex chest press 200x26,15 160x15,18,18,8
  2. banded rows 135+red band x25,20,20,20,15
  3. rope pushdowns 40x30,20,15,20,15
  4. db curls 20’s x40,25,20,15
  5. lateral raises 10’s x50,30,20
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