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New Hampshire Lifter II

Mac, I’ll try some Hatfield squats my next squat workout.
Eric, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw this bar.


  1. a bunch of lateral raises, front raises, face pulls
  2. pushdowns and curls
    3a. 2 board bench: 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3
    3b. neutral grip chins: BW x5 sets

My son farmer carried 700 lbs for a few steps tonight. Push pressed 315x4 the other night. He’s getting pretty strong.


Impressive stuff by K… Hope you are well and still looking pretty !!

AN SS bar? is there anything left that you don’t have?

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I am anticipating some future strongman feats and victories!


Very Impressive lifting by your son.

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I hope those videos came through. 700 got all squirrelly on him and he had to put it down.


  1. deadlift 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3 365x4
  2. 17’’ box SSB 155x10 205x10 245x10 295x10 335x10
    3a. banded hip thrusts x3 sets
    3b. abs x3 sets

The videos came through just fine. Jeez.

315 OHPs=double jeez.

Farmers walks using those bars w/o shoes!


If you watch the meet preparation Youtube videos on Martins Licis’s channel, he is very technical and gives great tips on strongman stuff.

He now has an app (Apple only now, Android later) for $12.99/month with his training program. I daresay that’s a bargain for aspiring strongmen.

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Thanks all.

1a. 2 board bench: barx10 95x5 135x5 185x5 205x5 235x5 265x5 300x1 315x1 335x2
1b. neutral grip chins: BWx10 sets
2. lateral raise, front raise, band pull aparts x4 sets



  1. 17’’ box SSB: barx10 155x5 205x5 245x5 295x5 335x5 385x3 425x2 475x1 335x10
  2. SSB GM: 155x10,6,6
  3. leg curlsx3 sets
  4. BW calf raisex3 sets
  5. more shoveling


  1. superset: lateral raise and MP x 7 sets
  2. stone row to sldl 170x5x3
  3. banded push-up x 5 sets
  4. neutral grip chins BWx5 sets

Good shoulder pump.

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Opinion on SSB bar?

Mac, thumbs up. Wish I’d bought it sooner. What’s your experience been like with it? You like it?

1 deadlift 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3 365x3 405x1 425x1 445x1
2 banded rows/deadlift combo 135,185,225,245,245,245

1 lateral,front,rear raises, band pull aparts x 3 sets
2a 1 arm db shld press 40x10 60x10,10
2b scarecrow band raises x 3srts
2c trap bar shrugs 255x3x12
3a bench pin press (just below 2 board) 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3
3b neutral grip chins x 5 sets

1 carries 140 lb keg and sandbag x 4 sets
2 SSB squats just below parallel 155x6 sets
3 17’’ box SSB squat 155x3 245x3 335x3
4 leg curls superset with calf raises x 2 sets
5 abs x 2 sets

Trying to keep moving.


SSB is simply too comfortable to seem like a workout. Squats w/o holding onto the bar!!!

Still jealous of your yoke bar.

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It does make squatting more fun for sure.


  1. stationary bike Tabata
  2. powertec squats: 25’s on each side x3x25
  3. sldl: 135x3x15
  4. BW calf raises: BWx3x15
  5. rev hyper x3 sets

Tried a slow, partial rep, continuous tension workout. Even with these low weights my legs are going to be sore tomorrow.


1 bowflex flys x3 sets
2 db chest press 60’s x3 sets
3 single arm cable crossover x3 sets
4 low lateral raises x3 sets
5 high lateral raises x3 sets
6 Arnold press x3 sets
7 rope pushdowns 20x10 40x10 60x10 40x10 20x15 rest only enough to change weight

Kept it slow and higher reps again. I’ll add some supersets and giants sets soon.



  1. snatch grip deads 135x10 185x10 225x6 275x6 315x10
  2. banded bb rows 135x15 185x10 185x10 135x10
  3. neutral grip chins BWx4 sets
  4. 1 arm db row 75x10
  5. cable curls 25x3x max reps
  6. db curl 30’s x max reps

Why aren’t I huge and ripped yet?


Relative to who?

The person in my head.