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New Hampshire Lifter II

Osteo Arthritis? Most common for elbow pain.

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Steve- sorry to hear about the elbow, brother…hopefully the cortisone does the trick ! have a good weekend.

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Thanks guys. We had a frost here last night. So at 8 am when I got outside to carry the yoke it was still in the 30s. But after a few sets I was all warmed up. The yoke weighs 166 lbs and I was using 44 lb plates so that’s why the weights are all screwy.


  1. yoke carry x80’ 166x1 254x1 342x1 392x1 442x3 342x2
  2. zercher yoke carry x80’ 216x2
  3. prowler push +176x4 trips up and down the driveway

1a. zercher yoke carry: 166x80’ 216x80’ 266x2x80’ 216x2x80’
1b. 500 lb tire flip x5,5,5,4,3
1c. banded pushups x6 sets

My son benched 400 easily today. I think he had at least 10 more pounds in him.


A son benching 400 and a frost in September. The good life for sure.

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As always weird temperature swings here in September. Four nights of frosts and now a low in the 50’s and 60’s for the next week.


  1. 4’’ block axle bar deadlift: 115x5 165x5 205x3 255x3 295x3 345x3 385x2 434x0 345x5x3
    2a. single arm db floor press: 100x5,5,10
    2b. 1 arm db row: 100X5,5,10

My grip gave out 1/2 way with the 435 axle deadlift. The pressing and rows were easy peasy. I want to workout again tomorrow night so I kept things short and sweet.


I quit !!! its K’s fault…tell him I said that !!!

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Paul, that made him laugh.


  1. powertec squats: emptyx15, white band X10, white+orange x10, w+o+1 pps x10, w+o+2 pps x10, w+o+3 pps x10
  2. lat raise 2 sets (pre-exhaust)
    3a. MP 135x3 155x3 175x3 195x3
    3b. neutral grip chins BWx4x6
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  1. trapbar deadlift: 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x5 315x5 365x5 405x5 455x5
    2 trapbar sldl: 315x3x5
  2. trapbar shrugs: 315x3x5
  3. trapbar rows: 225x3x5
  4. db curls: 25’s x3x20

Trapbar palooza today.



  1. 2 board bench: 115x5 185x5 255x3 275x3 295x3 315x3 335x3 255x10
    2a. band pushdowns x 3 sets
    2b. lat and front raises x 3 sets
    2c. band pull aparts x 3 sets

Feeling good and looking pretty. :smiley: