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New Gym.


So I just moved upstate to start grad school and had not been looking forward to having to find a new gym. Its not that my last gym was anything special, but I was just so damn used to everything - the layout, the people, the hours, etc. A few days ago I began the dreaded search for a new place to train. I decided to dedicate the better part of a day to touring each and every gym in a 10 mile radius, and finally I stumbled upon it. The most beautiful commercial gym I had ever seen.

4 power racks, OL platforms, liberal use of chalk, DBs reaching all the way to 150 (200 with attachments), 2 smith machines w/no counterweight, a plethora of HS machines, a real seated cable row (one that sits like 4 inches off the ground), and a nice assortment of kettlebells. There were a ton of other amenities too, like tanning, cardio equipment, spin classes, yoga, etc. Not that I plan on using much of that stuff, but whatever.

I would have paid whatever they asked, but discovered that membership was only 29 bucks a month. The GG down the street wanted 50. Fucking joke. Anyways, I have been training there for 3 days now and could not be happier. I fucking love it. Of course there are your normal teenage douches (it is a college town), but that's what hoodies and headphones are for.

I'm not sure what replies to expect from this thread. Perhaps you could share a little something about why you train where you do, how you found your gym, or call me out for starting a thread just to brag about my new home-away-from-home. You know, whatever suits your mood.

Btw, how long before it gets turned into a PF or Bally's? Over/under?


[quote]CrookedCrown wrote:Of course there are your normal teenage douches (it is a college town), but that’s what hoodies and headphones are for.

Bit miffed by this statement…

I was at my gym the other day and we are currently going through a mild heatwave(by Irish standards) and there was a guy in the(boiling hot) weights area just sitting on the chest press glaring at everyone(by everyone I mean me and the other person in there). After about 10mins he’d go upstairs to the cardio are for a bit, then after 10mins come back down and repeat.

Basically I just don’t see why people wear hoodies in the gym. Aren’t ye frickin’ boiling in them…?