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New Gym, No Idea How to Use It


I need some direction pointing from the members of T-Nation. A great new place has came into my life called Monster Gym....in the north side of Houston in Kingwood. I walked into the place and Pantera was blasting over the PA. The gym has everything you need for power lifting such as bands and chains. Plenty of quality machines, cables, etc. DB's from 2-150, dedicated deadlift platforms. A separate room with 600lbs tire, 250lbs. tire, medicine balls, sledge hammers etc. Oh and boxing too like 4 bags and all the gear.

I don't know where to start on this...so many programs etc. out there and I just want to follow things for a couple of months and see how they work and on to the next program.



well i can see how that gym would be slightly overwhelming but to be honest i WISH i had a gym like that to my disposal!!

I certainly wouldnt get disheartened about it though, you should be excited..

The program you set up should be goal dependant, so i'm sure you've figured out what the next question is...

What are you goals?


That sounds like the kind of gym where it might be a really good idea to ask someone who works there if someone can give you a hand putting a program together. Nice in to meet some of the people etc.


soooo jealous! All they need now is cardboard cutout of Thibs by the door with a word balloon that reads "Game Over" and it would be perfect -lol.



:confused: sick with envy


Seriously- go in, talk to the person at the desk or the manager. Tell them what your goals are and ask them to show you around and maybe introduce you to some regulars.


You have access to real equipment and presumably a group of big, experienced people. Human interaction >>>> eForum.

Start picking up things and putting them down.


Minus the music that sounds exactly like my gym

The best thing you can do is just go watch the big boys and ask them stuff...

I set up a fourday lifting schedule with conditioning on wed and sat

Tires and boxing are conditioning along with a prowler if you have one...I do luckily


I'm always confused by the hardcore euipment and overall enviornemnt......having katy perry playing in the background

I swear firework plays on repeat there


Where in TN are you? [/hijack]



Cool...or not :confused:


A few weeks ago I was in fayetteville.


That gym sounds amazing! Thinking about your goals is a great suggestion. I've worked out with my boyfriend (Stu) and my brother (Anthony) at different times. Stu competes as a body builder and Anthony competes in Strong Man, and their workout routines are completely different.

It sounds like you have everything imaginable, have fun, try a couple of different workout routines, see what you like best!


It is an amazing gym! I was working out in the back room with the tire and sledge hammer, box to jump on, and then I saw it....a sled!!!

I will post some pics soon so yall can see what North Houston is rocking!

Ok with the help thing....what I am looking for is programs to follow such as Tib's Star complex workouts and stuff as I now have everything that I could ever want to get crazy with.

Goals...just like everyone else, get stronger and more athletic...oh to look better naked too


Those aren't "goals". Be more specific and have a date to complete those goals by and numbers to go with them. Have a ideal body image you like to obtain. There are plenty of shirtless models/bodybuilders out there on the internet to have a path to what you want to achieve.

Good goal setting
"I want to weigh 200lbs by Aug 24/2012"

p.s. I've written a paper with another class member on goal setting and did a presentation in school before.


Anything with "monster" in the title has to be good.


Hey man, the way to go

I ran with it over the summer a little bit...

Id reccommend adding tire flips to the deadlift pattern and taking out the frog jumps....

In the cage, use two barbells
Set one on the outside so you can transition faster between top half stuff and full ROM lifts...I.e. overhead press to military to push press


I would just take a couple of weeks and play around with stuff. Just go in and do whatever looks like fun, and ask for help if you can't figure something out.


Sick with jealous envy, fortunate bastard : ) Wendler's 5/3/1 or the Westside system will do wonders for ya !!!
Once again...lucky F*cking Bastard !!! Would give my left nut for that opp !!


5/3/1 ...