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New Gym, New Plan

Ok so after losing my gym membership my whole plan and my drive fell apart so I have to start over. I just started college and have access to the school gym for free. Its not to bad and not over crowded so it could be worse.

Weight:300…ya i know lol
height 6’1
age: 19

Ive actually got a schedule that will give me two and a half hours of free time m/w/f during the week so i have no plausible excuse or reason not to go and the quarter mile walk and 6 flights of stairs to my 8am class is a reminder every day im a fat ass boat anchor that I have to drag along the whole way (ok im not that pathetically sluggish but…).

I was originally going to go back to my normal workout which is 10x3 method but the gym is lacking some some areas. Its almost totally machines except for dumbells up to 70lbs… its all body master equipment. There is only a smith machine as far as squats, no Bars for bench press or dead lift.No hacksquat machine.

So I definitely need help figuring out a lifting schedule and what the hell I should do while im limited to this equipment.

My diet is going to be mainly 6oz lean meat cooked with olive oil, 1-2 cups veggies (asparagus, broccoli etc) and water. I be taking fish oil and a protein shake. Snacks will be mixed nuts and beef jerky.

this is a copy of all the machines they have.
Equipment and Services

Body Masters Selectorized Machines

Super Leg Press Multihip

Leg Extension Leg Curl
Seated leg Curl Chest Press/Vertical
Press Incline Shoulder Press
Lateral Side Pec Contractor/rear Deltoid
Tricep Press/seated Dip Arm Curl
Degree Back Extension Abdominal and Chin Unit
Mulit pass (Smith Machine) Cable Crossover
Lat Pulldown Low Row
Triceps Press Gravitron
Flat Bench Multipurpose Incline/Flat Bench
Multipurpose Seated Press Bench Decline Bench, Adjustable
Incline/adjustable Bench Seated Preacher Curl, Adjustable

Medx Avenger Plate- Loaded Machines

Seated Leg Press Leg Extension
Leg Curl Shoulder Press
Seated bench Pull Down
Seated Row Rotary Pec

Weight Equipment

1 Flat Dumbbell Bench Curl bar
1 Incline Dumbbell Bench 1 Flat-to-Incline Dumbbell Bench
Smith Machine Dumbbells and Racks 5 â?? 100 lbs.
IGX Rubber Coated Weight Plates 2- Beauty Bell Rack and Weights

Cardiovascular Equipment

8 Precor Elliptical Trainers 2 Life Fitness Treadmills
5 Woodway Treadmills 4 Precor Recumbant Bikes
2 Precor Upright Bikes 1 Life Fitness Recumbant Bikes
1 Stairmaster Stepmill 2 Stairmaster Freeclimber
2 Stairmaster Treadmills 2 Concept II Rowing Ergormeters

Check-out Equipment

See published list
Jump Ropes, volleyballs, footballs Menâ??s and Womenâ??s basketballs
Tennis, golf, badminton, soccer, discs Polar Heart Rate Monitors (with training)

So any help is very appreciated I know you guys are the best people to help. My main focus for now will really be weight loss since im so over weight and then when I start to lose more I will shift more towards mainly building muscle while losing less fat.

I’d do 3 full-body workouts per week coupled with interval training. If you are serious, this will get you in shape. When you lift do about 2 exercises per body grouping (lower, back, chest.) Keep the reps fairly low and the intensity high.

Monday- Lift
Tuesday- Interval training
Wednesday- Lift
Thursday- Interval Training
Friday- Lift
Saturday- Interval Training
Sunday- Rest

Sample Workout:

3x5 Bodyweight Squats (Hold a db if they get too easy)
Superset with a minute of ab planks.

3x5 DB Bench press
Superset with ab walkouts

3x5 Bent Over Barbell/db Rows
Superset with abs or active recovery

3x5 DB Deadlift
Superset with a minute of ab planks

3x5 Pushups (add weight if too easy
Superset with ab walkouts (this gets fun after pushups)

3x5 Lat Pulldown
Superset with abs or active recovery.
(Workup to pullups. If you have no pullup bar just raise the smith machine to the top bar and use that while raising your feet.)

Oh, and for the interval training go out side and do sprints.
After a proper warm-up,

sprint for 30 seconds
then rest for 1 minute.

repeat this At least 6 times.

If you get bored with this you can also do continuous circuts with

-bear crawls
-farmers walks
-jump squats
-more sprints etc…

Sprints at 300 lbs? Ouch.

[quote]leaftye wrote:
Sprints at 300 lbs? Ouch.[/quote]

My gas powered rascal wouldn’t handle sprinting!

i need some help with my diet i want to cut body fat about 5 percent i am 5’10 180 and about 12 percent BF can anyone help?

Before I started barbell squatting, I would do ‘front squats’ w/ dumbbells held at my shoulders. It was far from ideal, but I still hit it decently hard and got at least a good metabolic effect from it, if not adding some strength. You can do DB RDL’s/SLDL’s too.

I like full body EDT style pairings for fat loss. Thing 10xDB Front Squat + 10xDB Bench for as many sets you can get in 15 min. Another one may be 10xDB RDL + 10xBent Over Row w/ Curl Bar.

Here’s another link w/ some other dumbbell work you can try:

(Do a google search for michael rutherford dumbbells. If the mods delete the link)

Farmer’s walks was a suggestion that I think it awesome. Mix it up w/ pushups at one end, farmer walk, then do BW squats, then farmer’s walks, then more pushups, and repeat.

It’s really not strength training, but you will be able to get productive fat loss workouts in. You can mix it up w/ some machine bodybuilding work at the beginning, and then do your metabolic pairings.

I’d get acquainted w/ the C2 rowers and use that for interval work, too.

On off days, stay active and walk to and from classes or across campus. Get your diet in check and the weight will fall off.

Theres just some ideas I had. Experiment w/ new movements and try to find what you dislike the most/suck at, and do those. Maybe find a dodgeball/racquetball/random recreational sport club to join too. Good luck.

[quote]Petermus wrote:
leaftye wrote:
Sprints at 300 lbs? Ouch.

My gas powered rascal wouldn’t handle sprinting![/quote]

For real though, sprint if you can. It’s a great exercise for every part of your legs. I know my knees don’t like my current weight and wouldn’t last long if I was 300 lbs. Hopefully your knees are more durable than mine.

Don’t sprint. Your knees will not forgive you.
Cressey on Page 2:


Okay maybe I’m wrong, maybe you still want to sprint. According to this you should sprint uphill. Furthermore, given your weight, you should only sprint so long as you can properly absorb each footfall. If you are jarring your bones, bouncing along like a sack of stones, then you are jarring your knees. If you are quiet and properly absorbing the force then go for it…

Anyway what I really wanted to say was that your diet looks really small, depending on how many times you eat “6oz lean meat” and how much you snack on beef jerky and mixed nuts. I think you should eat more fat. Like 2 avocados every day. oh boy, 13g fiber and a bunch of monounsaturated fat in every 201g avocado. YEAHHHHHH!!!

I do want to workout (no pun intended) my diet.Currently im just starting out again so im being a little more loose. Ive always had trouble with eating things like eggs in the morning and i cant afford to be eating much else for several meals a day. Can anyone thing of some good substitutes for breakfast. I would like to have my diet set up something like this

2 eggs, 1 piece whole wheat toast and two cups coffee (cream and sugar is a must)
I know it isnt Ideal but I cant really handle eggs, i think I have trouble digesting them. They make me a bit sick to my stomach and I can only get two down usually… ive happily eaten 1lb steaks in the morning and not had even a little bit of queasiness though…

My next dilemma is I have class from 8am to 10:50 then Im done till 1:30. Today was my first day hitting the gym, changing clothes showering ect. including a half hour of cardio. I only had about 15min extra over all to be able to get in lunch. I definitely dont wana be late for class (lock you out) miss three and they drop you…bye bye money. So Im thinking ill have to eat really quick if I can get to it before class.

My next meal opportunity comes at 4pm when I get home
Im thinking something like 6oz chicken breast… spinach and w\e other veggies.

same deal.

I can throw in a little snack here and there.

Its all a bit complicated for me at the moment… m\w\f are all like this for me but they are the only days im on campus.

Wow, where do you go? My uni is really lax, but then it’s not really a high-achiever school. anyway when you say you have trouble eating eggs in the morning, are you fine with them by afternoon/evening?

If money is not a problem and you have the dedication, then you can get a foodsaver (vacuum packs your food in microwave safe, portable plastic bags) and cook up 40 lbs of meat on the weekends and then just supplement that with eggs/cheese/vegetables.

I used to do the above, but due to being poor in college and having to cut back I have switched from 2 years on the AD to Surge and 5x fiber one bars in the morning followed by 18 eggs throughout the day. It’s kind of weird (unbalanced?) but I get a pretty good breakdown of macros. and it costs less than $3 per day.

Also, you might try weening yourself from coffee. If you are having to get morning caffeine then you might not be sleeping enough. Sleep is, of course, important for recovery and strength gains, but maybe not as intuitively, it’s pretty important in weight loss. http://www.tmuscle.com/gsaSearch.do?sc=T-Nation-articles&q=sleep

BTW, in your “goal” meal plan you are eating so far: 2 eggs, 1 slice of toast, 2c coffee, 12oz chicken breasts, some veggies, + snack

that’s like. 1.2k calories. or in other words, not enough.

Adell, I’d normally agree with you about caffeine, but I’ve found that it’s been improving my morning workouts. I think it’s helping get my system warmed up faster, which helps me lift more weight for more reps & sets. I prefer working out in the afternoon, but my weight training classes are at 7 AM.

First off: WTF is wrong with coffee?

Anyhow, Research EDT by Charles Staley. The combination of EDT pairings and intervals on a concept 2 rower will get you in good physical shape to begin lifting weights at a lower bodyweight and tear fat off you.

As for diet, your’s sucks big time [sorry :S]. It should look like:

meal 1:
150g meat
200g veggies

Meal 2:
150g meat
200g veggies

Meal 3:
150g meat
200g veggies

Meal 4:
3 eggs 40g cheese 100g veggies

See where im going here? as for meat vary it up. chicken is the least helpful of the many meats available. It is obvious that you suck at digesting carbs so give them up for now till you get down to 200.

Get a slow cooker to cook that meat up in sir.

Also, get a good training partner that also needs to lose weight so you all can keep each other real.


As for the HIIT workouts, I’ll admit it, I started them when I was fat as well. I wasn’t 300 pounds, but I was 250 at 5’9", so damn large.

I couldn’t sprint to save my life, but I found out I didn’t need to. I would just jog… fast… for 30 secs followed by 1:30 rest, then repeat… the goal of HIIT is to work your muscles and get your heart rate HIGH. I used a chest strap monitor and was above 170 at the end of those jogs. So it was doing it’s job. I know it did it’s job as with reasonable diet (nothing all that focused, just watched the ‘bad stuff’ and overeating… and doing a ‘Starting Strength resistance workout plan’ (3 days a week full body as was suggested above), plus 2-3 days a week HIIT I lost 70 pounds in a 9 months, while lowering bodyfat from 35% to 20%.

Not saying this to brag, just saying HIIT WORKS and if you’re breathing really hard at the end of each ‘sprint’ then jogging is good enough. Oh, be sure to find a nice soft level surface to run on to start. This will be easier on your ankles and knees at your weight. My knees and ankles bothered me for the first month, then all that went away due to building up all those small support muscles, recovery increases, and of course, less pounds carried.