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New Gym Location in Phoenix


My buddy and I are building our gym in the Tempe, near Phoenix. We have narrowed it down to two locations, but are having trouble deciding which one would be better. Both of us are new to the area, so we'd appriecate any comments from locals.

The first is on Unversity between Rural and McClintock and the second is near Southern and 48th right off the 10 and 60.


WOW. The University site will get lots of college crowd types. You'll probably make lots of dough. Not serious bodybuilders, IMO. More like the metrosexuals and other not lifer-type. Southern/48, though it is in my backyard, is seedy. I'd hazard to say, not a good location. Too bad for me. Although Ahwahtukee does feed through 48th into Phoenix... a traffic snafu

What kind of gym? How many squat racks? What size?


I guess I should have mentioned this will be a serious gym. The equipment list so far is and most of this stuff is from elite: 2 squat racks with platforms, a reverse hyper, GHR, benches, various barbells, dbs(as heavy as I can get them), bands, chains, logs, farmers walk implements, stones, tires and kegs. I'll get more racks if needed but I figured 2 would be a good start.

The place on southern is about 1500ft bigger and has a sauna and jaquzzi already there, so that and more parking space are it's advantages over the place on university. But I figure universerity gets more traffic. However I don't think too many college kids would want to train there. I'm really building this for the lifter that wants to get strong and train in a motivated enivorment. And I needed a place to train for strongman competitions.


Either location is good. Southern and 48th is improving, and is fairly convenient to the freeway. The University location is close to Thorbecks, which is a hardcore PL gym (University and McCLintock) -- assuming it is still there.

Keep us informed of your progress. Looking forward to checking the place out. (Are you going to have a platform and bumper plates too?)


Not necessarily. More people are intrested in fitness at a younger age (I think), although it takes time to learn how to do it right.


Yup, I will have bumper plates. I'm getting everything I always wanted. :wink: I'm also open to any ideas or suggestions.

I like Thorbecks but it's not open that often (weird hrs, closed most times i've tried to go over there), is very small and has old equipment. It's on Curry near miller.


It will always be open to everyone, I just think from what I've seen most college kids would gravite towards something like LA fitness. Though I do know some here that would love my place and get excited at seeing a gym with a GHR and giant tires to flip.


My vote is for the University location. It's not just college kids, there are a lot of businesses in the area and a lot of people are already drawn to the area because of bars, restaurants, and clubs... i.e. more exposure at that location.


I would go withthe University location. It will get more traffic with the businesses around it, it's in a better location, and is more easily accesible from what I know about the area.

Though the Southern location may have added benefits due to having the jacuzzi and sauna already in place.

Either way, good luck with getting it opened.

BTW, good job at the competition a couple weeks ago. Too bad you used up your three lifts on the dead lift before you maxed out. You would have gotten higher weight from what I saw you doing.


Being totally biased, please do the Southern/48th St option. LA Fitness doesn't need my money. A serious gym 2 miles away would be capital. Plus, I may finally get acquainted with T-Nation Arizonans. Dare I say, even make friends?

sic, you live in the desert, too?

I was front row at the Strongman deadlift portion of the competition. Sorry I can't recognize you. I was impressed with everyones DL's.


Why Tempe??? Just Wondering plenty of other areas without...I love the concept..... WE work out of a home gym.PL Oly Strongman Etc. Sounds cool Feel free to PM me.


Tempe is just close to where I'm at right now and a cheap startup.


Oh and the other difference is that southern has showers and I would have to give up space on university to build them if i did. So how important are showers to you guys? From what i've seen most people don't shower at the gym, so i figured it may not be a big deal, but i may be wrong.


I always shower at home.


would love to see a "hardercore" gym near scottsdale. currently train at Worlds on hayden and thomas, but now that they have renovated and gone more pussy then they already were, i'm looking to move gyms. the university site would be nice. when are you looking to open?


There's already a gym between Rural and Mclintock though it's not for the hardcore types at all! Shit they don't even have a bench press or a squat rack and you're not allowed to grunt in the place! If you a big blue alarm goes off...a lark alarm.

But it has members since it's only $10/month and offers unlimited tanning for $5/month extra.

I usually work out on Rural/Curry or on Rural/Baseline but if there was a more hardcore gym priced reasonably (I pay $24/month currently) I'd be for it.


Okay, it looks like there's a 90% chance we're going with the Univesity site. I hesitate on saying when it will be open as I'm not sure how long some of the paperwork and needed construction will take.


We offer unlimited tanning for free. LOL There's a large garage door in the back you can open up, walk outside and there's a spot you can flip tires or do aome farmer's walks. :wink:


I would have to say Tempe would probably treat you much better financially with all the traffic, students and growth around the lake.

Gen- there is a sweet boxing gym off Hayden north of Indian School. I can't remember what it is called but it is in that park and very cheap for Scottsdale residents.


Okay University Dr. it is. Also I found something very very badass behind the building. What is it... Well I'm keeping that to myself for now. Just have to find out for sure if I can use it, but it shouldn't be a problem, I hope. But let me just say this if you the kind that salivates at the site of giant tires, you'll fuckin soil yourself when you see this.