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New Gym in NH


For all you Granite-Staters out there I wanted to let you know about a new powerlifting/ strongman gym in Concord, NH. I've lived here for 4 years and have never been as excited about a gym opening up.
They've got a bunch of power racks and benches, atlas stones, hussafel stones, etc.

Contact Mike or Darren for details. 40/ month cash w/ no contracts.

East Coast Powerlifting LLC
219 S. Main
Concord, NH 03301

603.540.5423 or 603.391.4837


I look for weights/strongman stuff on craigslist all the time and have been seeing ads for this place a bunch recently. My interest was definitely piqued. If I didn’t have such a good at-home setup, I’d check it out. The price is right, for sure. Hopefully they’ll host some meets!


Right now I’m training there alone almost everyday. While I like lifting alone, blasting music from my iPhone etc, I realize that gyms like this one are truly a community. They’re doing me more of a service than my $40 provides IMO so I’m doing what I can to make sure they succeed. I have no financial incentive. I just love the place and want them to be successful…