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New Gym in LA?


Im kind of in between locations of gyms and hating the big 24hr, la fit , and never would go to bally's. Im in WLA Santa Monica border and just cant bring myself to go to Venice gold's. Its fun sometimes but as an every day workout?, to much of a circus IMO. My choices seem bleak in this area. I dont want to drive Long distances to reach my destination. Anyone know of any other gyms they like out here? especially great for deadlifting days?


There are 2 olympic weight lifting gyms in Santa Monica. One is right on 3rd on the second floor above the food court. The other is across the street from Active, i dont remember what street it was on, but it's across from active and you'll see the olympic rings on the side of the building. You can only go in there before 10am and after 6pm because the athletes are being trained privately. It's $20 a day or something like $150 a month. Oh and they're both open from 5am to 2am. One of them closes at like 10pm on the weekends but i dont remember which one


There is Equinox in Santa Monica but that is pricy as shit.


Go to the YMCA in santa monica.....


dam those choices are bleak!, equinox is a RIP off!

OLYMPIC promenade gym??? I hate 3rd street gyms! used to be eastons i think.

YMCA been there awhile ago, seemed to have like no free weights maybe it changed!!


I workout at the Y in Burbank, it's actually a prety solid gym for a Y. Let me know if you wanna come by for a guest pass. It's way outa your way though.


There is a serious powerlifting gym in El Segundo, it's called 4Star gym. I've been wanting to go check it out for a while, perfect if you're actually serious about your training. Kinda far from me (I live in the Miracle Mile/Hancock Park area), but I'm thinking of training there at least on saturdays.

How about any other hardcore gyms in L.A.? I workout at Gold's in Hollywood, it's OK since I go there late in the evening, but I would definitely love to go train where there's a "more focused" group of lifters...