New Gym Blues!

So I was a member at the golds, that got bought by LA fitness as there pre member gym. Today was the first day of the new club. You know those super fitness centers with Basketball courts, wood lockers, saunas, cardio with fifteen flat screens.

At first site the weight room looks god, the new hammer strengths caught my eye along with better leg press machines that my gym lacked.

So i deadlifted today, and the weights were horrible, ( HAVE YOU USED STARTAC) weights, they were like one step below hexagon weights and the bars were super thick ( good for me but bad for my ego) and all greased up. But whatever I can deal with a slap in the face of ego! Kindof sucks cause I was on the rode to 600 deadlift and now i dont really know where im at!

The machines are redundant and all over the place, the leg curl machines dont allow for any FUll ROM, and I find the startac line and nautilus line to be CHEAP grades of machines. Not that I care but occasionally i use some!

Just had to bitch of seeing the small gyms fail to these super fitness crappers!