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New Gym Bag?

Time for a new gym workout bag…any suggestions? need as many compartments as possible

I use a 75 litre Kathmandu or something travel bag. That works pretty well for me.

Doesn’t have a lot of compartments but I use a bag from Unbreakable Gear. It is pretty big and isn’t gonna fall apart any time soon.


I have one of these. Can be worn as a rucksack, it’s very rugged and also waterproof. Has a mesh compartment inside the lid. Doesn’t have many compartments inside though, but I coil my belt up and use the insides of my lifting shoes (!)…

Depends on how much equipment you have and/or how much you want to bring with you. Some lifters opt for different gym bags for lower body days versus upper body days so that you are not carrying around a bunch of unnecessary suits/wraps/etc.

I have had a couple of inexpensive Adidas bags that have held up well, and you can use tupperware or string bags to keep specific items separated if you need to. I also had a bag from Bulky Boy and another from Ogio that each lasted for years.

I used to have one of those gym sacks.

The guys at the gym really loved it and I’d get questions about my sack from strangers every other week. Perhaps because it is much smaller than they are used to seeing.

Anyway, I upgraded to an Addidas team bag, forget whether it was medium or small but it is great. Separate spot for shoes, place outside the bag for keys, wallet, phone. Good stuff.