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New Guy.

Hey everyone, I’m 36, 5’9", 204 lbs.
I’m new to the site, and this seems like it’s alot more to do with power lifting? I’m looking to get into great shape and of course get bulk muscle to a point. Any direction would be awsomely appreciated…

I did just join a gym…and eating better.

Thanks for any imput.


Read the articles and the “are you a beginner” thread at the top of this page

Power lifting specific articles make up a minority of the training articles

[quote]JNeves wrote:

Power lifting specific articles make up a minority of the training articles[/quote]

WOW!!! thats news to me?? I mean CT, CW, Charles Staley, Dan John, Charles Poliquin, Alwynn Cosgrove, Joel Marion, to name a few all regularly write here on training and rarely if ever write about powerlifting.

Sure there are power lifters here if you hang out in the strenght sports section but they are also mixed in with a ton of MMA guys, Highland games, Triatheletes, sprinters, wrestlers, etc etc. The there are a ton of people into BBing, figure comps, etc etc. Id say its more of a mix if anything and the articles address that as well.

Just my take.

Oh and to the OP I agree read the beginners thread pinned at the top of this forum start reading the links in it and come back woith any questions.

Your main thing is going to of course be, consistancy with both diet and training, you cant out train a shitty diet or out eat shitty lack luster training and get good results.