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New Guy

Hello everyone, this is my first post although I have been lurking for a while trying to learn and improve on my training. First off I would like to thank everyone for all of the great information I have picked up and although it can be a little overwhelming at times, I have picked up some great knowledge.
I would like to get some advice from some of the more seasoned members here and see if I am on the right track.

First a little background. I am 54, 5’ 10" 152 lbs.
I have always been active and did a lot of cardio but never much in the way of resistance training. I started lifting about 6 months ago and have seen some modest gains so I would like to see if I am on the right track. The guys at the gym I go to are very helpful but I seem to get some very conflicting advice so I wind up just getting confused. Here is what I am doing.

3 day a week WO. Mon, Wed & Fri.
Barbell Curls
French Press
Military Press
Bench Press
Bent Rows
Calf raises

I have been experimenting with sets. I had started off with 12, 10, 8, but have just tried 5X5.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you again for all of the great info. Cheers.


Welcome. 5x5 is a great place to start. Consistency is key, go when you’re supposed to and try to be better each day.


Welcome ^ listen to this guy