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I've been reading the over 35 lifter forum for over a year now and felt it was time to take the plunge and give something back. So here it goes:

I'm an over 45 lifter from the beautiful state of NJ.
Been training since I was 16.
Currently 6'1, 227 lbs, 36 inch waist, 50 inch chest.
Small college football, minor bodybuilding shows-been there done that got the T-Shirt.

Current training is an upper/lower split with low volume high (2x week) frequency.
Some of my current working weights: Flat dumbell press: 100's for 12. HS Leg Press 800 for 10.
HS Row 315 for 12.

I'm big into supplements and watching my diet, within reason.

I've learned alot from the lifters on this site and I'm looking to exchange info and ideas with like minded people who have made this a way of life.


Welcome JC.


Another from Dirty Jerz..Welcome.






Welcome aboard


Welcome, Centurion.


Add My Welcome in here! I love how this forum is growing with cool Peeps!


adopt 5/3/1 as your religion, or we will kill and eat you

just sayin


welcome aboard




Thanks all, good to be here.


Welcome sir,

So any current goals? or you fighting the reaper like the rest of us.


I am totally fighting the reaper! Trying to gain some size without blowing up like a tick, while maintaining a decent fitness level. Keeping my joints from locking up like a rusty bicycle chain.....you know the normal stuff a 45 year old dad does!

Screw being normal...lifes to short.


Welcome Centurion.

"Hold the Line..." That phrase almost gives me as much chills as "Fix Bayonets..."

Wow isn't that something how a picture can bring memories back like that^^ so clear and strong.


Yes, welcome.

You move some serious weights. 12 x 100 lb. DBs. Wow.


Great movie one of my all time favorites. Refuse to compromise your beliefs.


As far as training goes I'm a Waterbury fan. I used to do various splits, push-pull-legs, 3 workouts as well as other variations. But with my joint issues (shoulder, elbow, low back) and work schedule the splits just weren't working. I now vary between whole body or an upper-lower split.

I had a shoulder scope last December so I'm careful not to aggravate that.

Upperbody ( vary my reps per workout-6 rep sets, 10 rep sets, 15 reps-or each set to failure)

Warm up: Foam roller/ stretching/ shoulder mobility-rotator/ 5 min bike or eliptical.

Low Cable Row-or Hammer Row: 1 warm up, 3-4 sets 6-15 reps (working up to 365 X 6 on Hammer heavy days)

Dumbell press/ Smith Bench/ Hammer Press: 1 Warm up, same sets as above( working up to 100 X 12 with dumbells)

Front raises/ with 35lb plate or seated with dumbells: 2 sets never heavy

Side or rear raises for 15 rep sets: 2 sets

Some type of Curl: 3-4 sets

Some type of Triceps ex. : 3-4 sets

Abs: 3-4 sets
10-20 minutes cardio

With the low volume I will tain same bodyparts with different exercises and different reps in 48 to 72 hrs. Usually 72. This allows me to train hard, recover and not piss my joints off.


Welcome aboard. Where in NJ are ya?


I noticed that you posted in another thread that you also do rotating 12 hour shifts...what is it that you do ? and how do you deal with training around the shifts ?.

Just to add that i am a specialist nurse and work 12 hr shifts that usually turns into 13 in the hospital and try to train before a shift .