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6'4 / 270 lbs / bf %?? / Athletic build

First I would like to say hello to everyone. I have been reading as much as I could in the short time I have joined this board. I have been lifting on and off through the years and finally decided to get serious. I just have a question on morning training and eating.

When I wake up in the morning (5:00am) I almost can't eat anything for about a hr (No appetite at all) but in that time frame I am already at the gym and lifting. Is it ok just to have a Metabolic Drive shake when I get back home (6:15am)? Also how much should I be eating through the day? As you can see I am not oppose to eating lol (270lb)? I have cleaned up my diet dramatically and feel much better already but just not sure on how much I should be taking in calorie wise. My goal would be to get down to 250lbs lean muscle.

Right now my lifting schedule is:
Mon - Chest / Back / Abs
Tues - Legs / Shoulder
Wed - Chest / Arms / Abs
Thurs - Rest
Fri - Legs / Back / Abs
Sat - Shoulders / Arms
Sun - Rest

I'm not sure if that is good or not been doing that split for about 2wks.

I'm not really sure of my max lifts. I know I can do the 95lbs dumbbell press for 5 reps I'm not sure what that translates into. 2 knee surgeries in a 5 yr span and a recent knee injury has kept me from Squats but I'm hoping to get at that this week starting off light and working my way up. Only can do about 3 pullups and will find out about deads this week.

Any help, comments, Jokes welcome.

Thx. Sorry for the long first post.


So I was able to do some Squats yesterday about 155lbs x 8. It felt pretty good. I still have to build up some confidence in my knee it felt like I could definitely do more weight I just didn't want to push it too hard. For Deadlifts I was at 350lbs x 5. I still am wondering about the morning eating. I guess I will just keep doing what I have been and see where it goes.



I almost can't eat anything for about a hr (No appetite at all)

having no appetite is no excuse. not if you want to grow. if you want to grow you need to eat your meals whether you have an appetite for them or not.

have a protein shake on the way, at least.

i don't know much about nutrition.

my current strategy is:

200-250g protein daily. split into at least 4 meals. heard something about the body maybe not processing more than 25g per meal.
for me that looks like: 2 protein shakes and 2 cans of tuna. i'm learning about alternatives that i can sub that meet the protein requirements for a meal.

next step in my nutrition overhaul will be to track what i currently eat (that's not all i eat, of course) and see how many calories i'm getting in. then... if i want to grow i'll add calories. if i want to cut i'll subtract calories. haven't figured that yet.

hopefully someone will come along who knows much more than me...


I do understand that I must eat. The thing is if I force it I can't keep it down in the morning. It almost always comes back up then I'm mad I just wasted that meal.

I guess I'm asking is it that detrimental to not (eat/have a protein shake) before I lift in the morning? I do have a shake soon as I get back which is around 6:15/6:30 then I eat again when I get to work around 9/9:30 then lunch 12:00 and a shake at 4/4:30 then diner at 6:30/7.

I have been reading a lot and I do understand the importance of eating/shakes prior/during/after a workout.

Thx for the reply.


Your triceps must be fried working it 3 days in a row.


When you are a beginner, use a program that actually works. Don't reinvent the wheel. And that is just one of many. Just pick on, do it to the letter and be consistent. After 6 months, we can reevaluate.

As for your diet, considering your height and weight, you are either one big muscular dude (Lou Ferrigno was 275 at 6"4') or just plain fat. I would have to say it's the second. Being honest on where you are is the first step. "You don't know where to go, if you don't know where you are"

Glad to hear your diet is cleaning up, but I would suggest you write down everything you eat for one week and put it in a calorie counter. Most Beginner have no idea how "wrong" they are when it comes to nutrition.

I know your next question will be "How much should I eat". Refrain from asking, until you know where you are. You can post a typical day here and we can help after that.

As you have been training "seriously" for two weeks, don't worry about numbers. Just follow a program, write it down and you will see progress. This game is measured in months, and years, not days and week.


It not a good idea to lift weights on an empty stomach. You need the juice. Running and other aerobics activity is fine, if done in moderation (I wouldn't train for a marathon on a empty stomach), but you need something so you can push yourself in the gym. Try a shake first thing in the morning, protein powder and oatmeal. Have a Anaconda Protocol. Start small and build from there. Look at you eating habit at night also. Maybe you eat at 2am?

Like I mentioned, write everything down for one week and then we can go from there.


Thx. I tend to recover pretty well no matter how hard I go I typically am not sore more than that day ( and I go until I can't go anymore heavy as I can )I am fat for the most part but not "sloppy" people don't tend to believe that I am 270 when I tell them for what that is worth.

My Diet: I cook for the week.

After I lift: MD Shake w/ ground flax seed, superfood, createin , almonds
2nd: Large Bowl 99% fat free turkey chilli
Lunch: Steak Salad ( Grilled Steak / Spinach / tomato / Onion / green pepper / balsamic vinigrette
4th: Protein Shake
5th: Grilled Chicken + Veggies

Even though I don't eat in the morning I am pretty good mentally and have plenty energy to push myself pretty hard in the gym. I will try like half a shake before I go and see how that works and finish it when I get back home. I have tried that before with bad results but I will give it a go again.

I will check out the link.

Thank you.


Listen to these guys and change your split. Chest mon wed? tris three days in a row? I have the same problem when I wake up in the morning 6am. I cant eat until about 11am. What worked for me is finding a protein drink that is easy to keep down. Its like my coffee in the morning now. I drink it as soon as I wake up. I hit the gym and usually starving by the time I get back. 9ish


Now go to fitday or whatever calorie counter you want to use and start plugging. If you are eating under 3k calories, we need to talk.

The link was not there for you to "check out". It's there because you need to stop doing your stupid split. I was trying to be nice, but patience is not my forte.

Also, if you "recover pretty well" and "you are not sore", then I suggest you kick it up a few notches.


Ok I will do that also. By Check out I meant read it, take info from it and apply it to my situation.

I go till I can't go literally because of that fact. I have no lack of intensity believe me when I tell you. I am far from a chump when it comes to going all out. It just when the next day hits its almost feels like I didn't lift. weird but that part just is what it is.

I will change my split and switch to one of the documented workout routines on this site. I'm not being difficult I don't know enough to be that. Just soaking in all the info.

I will post my calorie intake and see what you guys think.

Once again thx for all of your help it is much appreciated.


Juggernaut method


Somedays i wakeup with no hunger at all or too lazy too cook something, i'll just down a protein shake and do my stuff till the next meal, by then i will already be "hungry" for some solid food.