New Guy

Hi all,
Hope ya dont mind if I hang in here w/you.

welcome Im a newbie here also

welcome, how are the workouts going?

Thanks for to “welcome”
Well, it has been way to long since I have really taken care of my body like I used to. I spent 8 years traveling the world for work and as you may or may not know, travel is great fun but hard on the body, especially the liverI guess my priorities got screwed up and before I knew it I was 40.

So, to answer your question, hard. Hard to stay focused and motivated, and really hard to eat clean.
But, thatâ??s why I here, so far I am really liking the site.

Thanks again, and I am open for any and all help anyone wants to share.

Michigan. What area? Oh, and welcome to the ‘Seasoned Vets Abode’. The kool-aids in the corner. That’s a reference to MJ. You’ll catch that one soon enough.

Welcome. You’ll get a lot of no nonsense advice/knowledge here. As elders, we know we don’t have time to dick around on forums and belittle each other. LOL. Great place to be.

Welcome aboard.

The training log will help keep you focused and accountable. I know it has for me, and welcome. Now go lift heavy things.

“Anything I can do for you Master? Anything at all?”
“Just leave me alone Jeannie”.
Yeah right! Even a pre-teen boy knew what Major Nelson shoulda been doin.
Oh, yeah, welcome. Any specific routine you’re following?

Welcome Brother!

Welcome, do 5/3/1 or mj will eat you.

Thanks everyone. What a great welcome to the board.

Oh, and I live in Marshall, but work in Ann Arbor.

dont forget the big three now that you are lifting again. use good form. dont give up.