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New Guy: Workout Routine


Hey guys, this is a workout routine I was thinking about starting. I can usually get around an hour of time if not more in the gym per day. The gym has limited equipment. I've been training for a year and a half.

2 Days: Upper Body
Bench Press: 8 sets of 3
Incline Press: 4 sets of 5
Chest Fly: 3 sets of 8
Upright Rows: 3 sets of 8
Pullover-Closegrip: 3 sets of 8
Military Press: 4 sets of 5
Curls: 3 sets of 8 each arm
Ab Work
Substitutes: DB Bench, DB Incline, Hammer Curls, Rowing Machine, Tricep Extenstions, DB shoulder circut.

2 Days: Lower Body
Squats: 8 sets of 3
Powerclean: 5 sets of 5
Leg Curls: 3 sets of 8
Leg Extensions: 3 sets of 8
Calf Raises: 3 sets of 10
Ab Work
Substitutes:Box Squats, Traditional Deadlift TrapBar Deadlifts, GoodMornings

2 Day: Sprints/Conditioning

Everyday after the workouts for quickness purposes:
5-8 sets of JumpRope 1 minute
4 sets of 20 Low Box Jumps
5-10 excercises on an Agility Latter(will have latter after christmas)

I'm open for any C+C, any help is welcomed.
Thanks Guys
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height/weight? and what are your goals? strenght? bodybuilding? athletics? Your current setup is a LOT of volume, but that does work for some people, but be careful of burning out, also whats your diet look like?


I would be surprised if you are able to work out on that routine 7 days a week with any intensity whatsoever.


6'1". 205. My goals are strength and atheletics. Breakfest is usually a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese or a waffle both with a banana. Lunch is some type of meat or pasta with some more fruit. My snacks usually are graham crackers with peanutbutter or goldfish. Dinner is usually like lunch except veggies instead of fruit. I'm at a boarding school so I can't truly diagram my diet


What do you think I should drop? I can usually do good for the week

Oh yea, an Chris, and atg, I take cytogainer as my protien




I can understand wanting to design your own program, but you really should just use one that is already on the site. Use this first.


As far as your program, you have too many days. Do 2 of each workout per week, not 3. And there is no way you should be able to squat, deadlift, and clean in the same workout.

Also, you have to do cleans first in any workout. Poliquin always talks about doing the most demanding exercise first. Cleaning after squats and deadlifts is just asking to get hurt.


Wait, so when you say upper body 3 days, do you mean all 7 movements are split up over 3 days? That sounds manageable. But if you are repeating all 7, 3 times per week, oh my, you have big overtraining issues in your future. I would do something like:
Mon: Lower (3 lifts)
Tues: Energy workout (sprints)
Wed: Upper (4-5 lifts)
Thurs: Energy workout (slow and steady state)
Fri: Lower
Sat: Upper
Sun: Rest


All that makes sense guys... I'll edit my workout up top when I get out of school


Thanks guys, I got it edited


you still don't get it...


What's overtraining? I guess that's the thing I don't understand... I've been able to workout like this

  1. There is as much protein in the diet you outlined as in my mom's. Get at least 300g/day at your size.

  2. You want 4 different workouts across the week. Either get yourself something like workout A: lower, B: upper, C: lower, D: upper; AND/OR switch up the sets/reps if you really want to repeat workouts during the week. For example, if monday is 8x3, make thurs 6x5.

  3. You said your primary goals are strength and athleticism, yet single-joint movements (curls, flys, calf-raises, leg-ext...) actually outnumber compound movements (squats, cleans, bench press...) which is less than optimal for athletic development.

  4. Why are you afraid to train your back? You have no pulling up there (ok, if you count upright rows, I guess), but I'm talking about bent-over rows, cable-rows, pullups, lat pulldowns, chinups, etc. You're only focusing on the "mirror" muscles and that's a recipe for muscular then postural imbalance in your future.

  5. [quote]Everyday after the workouts for quickness purposes:
    5-8 sets of JumpRope 1 minute
    4 sets of 20 Low Box Jumps
    5-10 excercises on an Agility Latter(will have latter after christmas)
    This is NOT how you train quickness. This is a great little cardio circuit if you hope to burn some fat at the end of your lifting session, but not going to help you develop quickness. For that you want to do something like 3-5 reps of high box jumps, where you try to minimize the time during which your feet are in contact with either the box or the floor. They should not tire you and you should take as much time as you need between sets to be able to perform the next set as explosively as possible. You should think about doing 12-20 total reps...NOT 80! Oh, and you'd be better off to do them at the beginning of the workout. You're fine to keep the jump rope circuit at the end.

  6. This is STILL alot of volume. If strength is what you're after, bring down the volume and focus on performance: bringing up the numbers each week and improving your power.
    PLEASE don't take this as me telling you what to do, because you need to figure out for yourself what works, but here's a quick sample of what I'm talking about:

Workout A:
Squat, Step-up, Glute-Ham Raise, Abs
Workout B:
Incline Barbell Press, weighted pull-up, dumbell bench press, single-arm bent-over row, hammer curls
Workout C:
High box jumps, Deadlift, reverse lunge, abs
Workout D:
speed bench press, inverted rows, military press, lat pulldowns

Feel free to keep your jump rope circuits at the end of the workouts. Add 1 day of sprints/week; 1 day of slow and steady cardio for a good active recovery.


Thanks for the help man, I'll take that into consideration and come up with a new plan over the weekend.


Hey buddy.
Is there anything your training for in particular? A sport?
And did you say you eat Goldfish on crackers?

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Training for a sport, and goldfish


which one?


Lacrosse, season starts like end of feburary I think. I just need to be quicker and more atheletic and I'd like to be a little stronger


in that case work pure strength for a while, and then train power and you will have greater acceleration and be able to run faster. I can give you some pylo exercises/power circuits but it will take a while to type out


In that case, stick to the core lifts, and take more of a power approach. There is no reason to waste time with isolation movements. Make sure you are doing the exercises properly (full squats) and you will get bigger and faster.

I would add a sprint/agility workout in between your leg days for active recovery as well.