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New Guy, Thought I'd Introduce Myself


Hello forums! I'm new to the place and didn't see a section for intros, although it's always kind of nice to know who's joining your forums. So I figured I'd give a little introduction.

I've been lurking around this place for a few months, getting training tips and such and figured I'd join up so I can shoot my mouth off when the feeling strikes me.

I'm 19, I've been lifting weights for just over a year, the past three months of which have been in gyms rather than my basement. I'm pretty proud of my strength gains, going from a 120lb bench press to a bit over 200, 160lb deadlift going to 405 as of today, and I just started with squats a couple weeks ago and am "up" to 205. I weigh 215lbs and my goals are for Christmas to be benching 110lb dumbells, squatting 250, and deadlifting 450. I want to get the squat up to at least 300 before January is out though, it feels a little lame right now.

At present I'm more of a weightlifter than a bodybuilder, and just love lifting the iron, although I'm seriously considering the benefits of getting a little leaner and a little bigger in time for summer.

Anyhow that's my quick little intro, hopefully it doesn't seem self-indulgent or anything it's just that I'm used to having an intro section on various other forums. Cheers!


Welcome. It seems you've got a solid base right now. Keep up the hard work and have fun with it. Do you play any sports?


Welcome. Hope you like Jamie Eason.


If you don't - you're fucked round here.

Welcome to T-Nation.


Well jeez I can't say if I like her yet because I've never met her, but I definitely like her body :smiley:

To Schwarzenegger, I'm not currently playing any sports but I'm thinking that next fall I'm going to give rugby a shot.


You don't have to meet her. Once you crank one out while looking at a picture of her, it becomes intimate.




And I also don't understand how you can deadlift 405 along with your other numbers, but only squat 205lb.


Welcome. This place is awesome. That is all you need to know.


rrjc, who is the girl you have for your picture?


Welcome to T-Nation. Since I've joined I've gained weight, grown a beard, and became more badass in general. I'm sure you'll do the same.


hes basically saying that he has givven up on life in general, doesnt do cardio anymore and really doesnt care about his appearance enough to shave daily.

haha just playing, i had to. XD