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New Guy Rockin 5x5


Hey whats up everyone? I'm a long time lurker, and about two months ago decided to research Strong Lifts 5x5. I have done a lot of reading, on this site, and on Mehdi's site. I've been on the program for just over a month. I had never known what I was doing in the gym before this. I just got into a good gym, and away from planet fitness.

I decided to do my research and actually do the 5x5 program, instead of just thinking it meant 5x5 for anything you want to do.
I'm 35, 6ft 7in, and I weigh 335 lbs. Yeah I know, what a fat f%@k! I will get more stats later, but wanted to introduce myself.


You sound a lot like me. Consistency in the gym and consistency in the kitchen are the keys. Keep rocking it.

And don't ever quit.


Good stuff, man. Welcome aboard. Any questions, toss 'em up.

That height and weight isn't necessarily super-fat, depending on how you're built/how much natural muscle you're carrying. Are you shooting for some specific goals?

Nope, totally different. He's from New Hampshire, way down south from you. :wink:

I recently read a new favorite quote from Wendler:

"Anything less than 100% compliance with attendance and effort is not conducive to reaching your goals. It takes no talent and your genetics don't matter in regard to attendance and effort. Just like it takes no talent/genetics to be in-shape and to make yourself stronger than you were before."

Consistency really is such a huge factor and it's something anyone can do.