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New Guy Questions

Wut up, everyone. My name’s Mike. I’m new to this forum. My buddy just told me about this site and I been reading some posts and some articles. This site f*****g ROCKS!! I’m a boxer and I never usually trained with weights (my old trainer was a retard). anyway, I got me a new trainer and he tells me to train with weights so here is my question. I’m a good boxer, I’m quick and relatively powerful but I don’t have a lot of lifting experience. I don’t want to get slower or anything like that. What’s the proper way to train for speed and power. I would assume speed training would include ballistic lifts and power training would include slow lifts with negatives. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks T-Men!

Check out Martin Rooney’s new book at Elite Fitness!

thanks for the tip but his books have really nothing to do with what I am looking for. Thanks alot for the help though

Good decision to use weights. you mentioned nslow negatives. i wouldnt recomend it. thnk about it when u punch you throw your fist forward with speed then retract it back with speed also. i’m not saying lower the weight on excercises with speed, just not too slow and always keep it controlled unless you want torn muscles or crushed bones. okay so wat u need to do is olympic lifting and power lifting. use maximum efforts (bench, rows, squat and deadlifts), ballistic efforts (fast as possible on benches, deadlifts, squats, cleans and snatches)and endurance efforts (abs, squats and benches). see Chris Thibadeau’s “pendulum training for athlets” and Chad Warterbury’s “strength focused mesocycle” articles in the archives of this site. there are other good articles if u have the time to look.

Hope this is usefull to you

Good Luck