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New guy question...

How do you calculate your LBM? whats the formula for it?


I imagine it would be:

Body Weight - (Percent Body Fat * Body Weight)



Someone posted this awhile back and I cut and pasted it to a notepad file on my desk top for quick ref:

Caloric Target Calculations should not be based on total bodyweight, but rather Lean Body Mass (LBM). There is no reason to include fat mass in the calculation unless you wish to maintain the fat. Simply take the subject’s total weight and multiply it by (1 - BF%) to get his LBM.

248lbs X .80 (20% bf) = 198lbs LBM
15 X 198 (LBM)= 2976 Total cal (Maint)
2976 Maint Cals

  • 500 Cal Deficit
    2476 Cal Diet

Yeah those are my start numbers for the cutting Challenge.

PRO 1.25198
Fat .2
CHO the rest of the cals

Protein Grams 248 Protein Cals 992
Carb Grams 247 Carbs Cals 989
Fat Grams 71 Fats Cals 495

OK. Here is a slant to this question. How many percent of LBM is muscle (typically)? I know it varies amount individuals but what is it roughly.

Can’t say. The numbers would be all over the place. A man at 150 lbs on a 6’8 frame would have percentages nearly an order of magnitude less than 5’10 275 lb bodybuilder.