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New Guy Question


I just started reading about the Neural Charge workouts. So my question is Do I use this as a precursor to my regular workout or do I just use a variety of the NC exercises as my daily workout and try to lift more often? Thanks.


None of you know this?????????????? I understand that the NC effect last about 24 hours (college and stuff taught me that) but does the author intend it as a precursor, or in place of regular or other types of workouts?


Haha, don't post a question and get mad because nobody answered in 2 days. Most likely, people saw your post and chose not to answer because the answers are already on this site. You just have to take the time to do a search function, it's not hard.

You can use the neural charge sessions in the morning to prime yourself for some real strength training later that day. OR, you can use them as active recovery on an off day, to become better effecient at being explosive with your lifts, this will also help your strength session the following day.

BTW, CT hates it when someone asks the same question twice (as do a lot of people). There's probably a reason there are plenty of guys on this site, yet no one took the time to answer your simple question.


Thanks for the answer. Thats how I was thinking it was intended. I have a busy life, so internet browsing time is limited. Ask a question, get 92 views with no answer, tells me there are a lot of people who have no idea or are just a bunch of dicks. Seriously, thanks for clearing up the purpose of the work outs for me. I know CT is a leading expert in this field.


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