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New Guy, New Story-You Know the Drill


What up everyone. I've lurked in these forums for over a year now and I don't think I've ever posted, so I figured I'd do a big welcome thread.

My name is Mike. I'm 20 years old, attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I've been an avid basketball player my entire life and just recently started getting into weight training. This is due to two factors:

1) My dad was hired as an executive on the WWE (doesn't take too much brain power to see why I turned to the gym).


2) When you play (or attempt to play) basketball in college, you quickly learn that the gym is as important as the court. I had an amazing weight instructor at my old college, and he really got me into strength training (so much that I stopped liking basketball, and started loving the feel of a 45lb plate).

I am 6 2, about 195 lbs. I trained really heavily all of last year, but lost a lot of my gains over the summer when I was working a 10 hour job with a 3 hour commute. After settling into my new school (UNC), I've started hitting the gym HARD again and I know I'm gonna be active on these forums.

That's pretty much my story in a nutshell. Your community is great and I'm glad that I can be a part of it. Looking forward to making some friends around these parts who:


Feel me?





Did that last bit seem slightly like a gay advert, anyone? I'm emphasising "friends", and "who get it".

We all have a story anyway, its the middle part (training)that is the most interesting and rewarding. Welcome.



No seriously, only compound movements.

Even more seriously permenant bulk.

No seriously this is T NATION!


Nah man it ain't like that at all.

I just meant "get it" like "get" training, eating clean, going through most of the day with a little bit more test flowing than everyone else...

Too many kids in college are more worried about getting drunk and doing whatever drugs are available than they are about hitting new PR's and shit. Not that I don't like to have fun, but when no one around you really trains, you need to talk about shit like this to SOMEONE, right?

You know what I mean?

Otherwise thanks for the welcome everyone.


OP, do you know a Ruth Goldstein? Can't miss her, she's about 5 feet, blonde, and the epitome of blondeness.


OP, ever run into Samanth Gersky on campus ? She's a psych major, about 120 lbs, auburn hair and green eyes. Please tell her I said, "Hello" the next time you see her.


If she's the one I'm thinking of, let's just say she knows a lot about sex.


Never met either one of those girls. Or perhaps I should say not yet.

To be honest there are so many chicks here I'd be surprised if I knew 25% of them by the time I left. I'm working on it though. Only been here like 3 months..

(Oh and they are all 5 feet tall and blonde...lol)


The funny thing is that I have made a Mockumentary for my film production course at University, and I managed to mention the term 'Squats and Milk'. I'll post it up here once its finished.




Get in touch with the weightlifting team or some of the guys from the football team. They are in the know of who, what, where and when!