New Guy..Needs Help.

Ok, so I know detail is important so let me try to get all the info out on the line so this is sorta long.

I’m 23, 6’1, 238lbs currently. I have a pretty large frame, so I carry the weight pretty well except around my belly. My goals? hopefully 3-4 months I want to get to 200lbs, lower my bf%, and have a little definition. I figure if I get to there then I will be familiar with whats working and I will be able to fine tune and look how I want, but a goal is a goal and this one I feel is realistic at first.

I work M-F, 8-5, rise at 6:45a, Fall around 10-11p. Workout always after 5pm when I get off work. I have a pretty solid routine planned out workout wise(3x a week)but my diet has been lacking, it feels as if all my working out for the past few months has just made me dense similar weight, but just tighter/firmer and undefined but noticibly stronger, does that make sense?

I recently picked up “The Abs Diet” book, but being 23 and on the go, the food options sometimes are hard to come up with, though I have tried to make it work, and start eating “clean” and 6 times, and watch my calories intake wise but the food suggestions and stuff are hard to keep up with and not filling for me and my on the go schedule.

So I need something fast in the mornings, filling for lunch, a punch before the workout, then a decent dinner and maybe a shake and crash. Can anyone offer up some suggestions schedule wise, food wise, product wise, I will be at someones mercy here :slight_smile:

I’m currently using ON Whey Vanilla, and its eh…not so much lol, I also use UltraMet vanilla meal replacement and I do like that, and have a steady supply of it, and pretty much anything else I want as my Dad…embarrassing to even say, owns Gym’s, but to my defense 600 miles away so I’m kinda on my own and actually trying to figure this up without his help :slight_smile:

There are however some things I don’t/cant eat, Eggs…I can’t eat anything egg straight up, if its cooked in something ok, egg whites, scrambled, I don’t care I can’t do it lol, I dont like avacado’s, or cottage cheese. Other than that I’m pretty open, I like fish, chicken, etc most veggies, all fruits.

Based on my own research and calculations I’m showing almost 3k calorie maint level, with 2000-2300 for weight loss…so far(past 3 weeks) I’ve tried to stay in that and I always end up starving which really ruins my focus, presumably because when I get in the gym I’m doing cardio and my circuit training routine as intense as possible, so I’m probably losing 3-600 maybe even more, I’m new to this so I’m unsure, calories on the workout, which drops me even lower calorie wise each day.

Ok so if you read this, I want to say thanks, and I look forward to your responses and your help and guidance, I plan on running with this, my determination, well I don’t need to explain it, but my life needs this, and I’m devoted to making this work, so I will post my progress and such. Thanks, J

I dont think you have read many articles here. dont be fooled by my young account.

I suggest you drop the CARDIO CIRCUIT type training thing, and either pair agonist antagonist muscle groups with increased volume, or read about doing some german body composition training. Ie lactate, GH inducing work. Maye fat to fire or something like that.

regarding diet, um? shoot for 5 to 6 meals, protein each meal, good fats , omega, olive oil, flax etc pick one with eac h meal and add some fruit, or small amount of beans, and veggies, excpet pwo have most of your carbs then within the next two meals.

not that hard now is it?