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New guy needs help

I am 5" 11" 220lbs with medium build. I have been training for years on and off but never really accomplished what my ideal body image and weight would be.

What would you recommend for a first time user. I am looking to be lean, drop to about 200 lbs and harden my muscles. I am not looking for massive growth.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Will be glad to make suggestions, but would like to hear what you were thinking first. Have you begun to formulate some sort of plan. What do you have available to you? What do you even know about AAS? Gotten enough loot together to purchase all the necessary ancillaries? Enough money to eat properly? A time frame set on your calendar? Give us a rough idea of what you planned out, BECAUSE I know you have done some of your own research into the matter and would never put something into your body that you have no knowledge of, right? If you don’t do the research yourself expect to get demolished on this board. It is very frequent that we get some new guy who types in a thread similar to yours and he has no knowledge of what he is doing. Actually, its worse when alot of info can be found in the archives of previous issues.

Read the “Steroid Newbie Thread.”


I would suggest finding a hobby that you are really interested in.